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For Reparations

Time: 58 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 2/1/08

Two well-spanked ladies this time. A stunning brunette landlady is peeved at her 19-year old roommate/tenant Sarah, who has damged some furnishings. We've seen this lady give out a high octane spanking/paddling/caning in "A Very English Compromise" and elsewhre. She loves the action. Spunky brunette Sarah is going to "get a thrashing," and over a bench she goes, first for some paddling on her sweatsuit, then on her bikini panties. "For now this is the way we'll settle things until you get some money." Next it's the crop--snappy zingers. Down with the pants, off with the top. "Oh, please, no more." Our spanker is gleefully attacking her subject. Sarah has to straddle the bench.

She's ordered into the kitchen, hands over her head, bra off, now nude. The cane is next. She bends over for about 20 strokes. She twists and moans realistically. There are welts at 10 and that unmistakable involuntary quivering at 15 strokes. A leisurely closeup at the conclusion. The landlady has done nice work. But has she gone too far?

In a new scene, our curvaceous landlady is reading the paper when there's a knock on the door. It's Sarah's father; it seems Sarah "showed me her marks" and the father wants "reparations." This is wonderful, because we've seen this guy whip some nice bottom in other films and we know the landlady has a lot to show us at the appropriate time. "You took advantage of her." He demands and is quickly handed the implements she used and wants to know how many strokes were given with each. She's given that honorable choice--a report to the authorities or "for you to receive a bit of the same." Nice to think about.

Our sexy young landlady is order to take off her trousers "NOW"! She's wearing lacy panties, and--a great touch--the father asks her to put her high heels back on. He starts her OTK on a magnificent bottom. "Painful, isn't it? I'm going to get full reparations for my daughter." He's also going to cop a feel here and there. Our lady seems slightly bruised from another spanking and has some tattoos which seem new for those of us who follow these things. Next, she must lean over a formal chair, her legs stiff and bottom high. Just about perfect. More use of such a chair please. That goofy soft paddle is loud but useless. The ping pong bat attracts more attention. Suddenly her pants are pulled down and she is mantelpieced for the cane.

At least 15 strokes, her bottom is kept positioned for maximum view, legs taut. She twists, wiggles, and dodges. At the conclusion, she gives us a frontal view while she is being scolded. The father: "You enjoyed that. I may come back whether you've misbehaved or not." We'll finance the cab ride if it involves this actress.

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