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Time: 23 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 2/27/09

From time to time we read that this British genre of spanking movies has come to be viewed as tame and mild, which we confirm; but we have have often tried to persuade that the plausible plots, pretty believable girls, and some actual acting make a moderate crisp spanking into a sweet thing. This video is one such simple exercise, as they tended to be in '86.

Julie, a sophisticated blonde woman, has contracted with a man called John Charles to give his wife Justine a spanking and caning as punishment for her sexual transgressions. She will ensure Justine "gets the message."

Justine visits Julie poolside for a spot of tea and hears the news. Her husband sent her by. "I'm not going to kill you, just spank you and possibly cane you." Possibly? They go into the house (where the director can avoid the airplane noises) and Justine is quickly OTK, skirt up and bottom bare but for a thong. The handspanking is moderate, the closeups are perfect. Justine whines. "Not a sound from you."

Julie stops spanking and directs Justine to start a diary and make entries of her spanking to document for John Charles. Julie now holds a paddle and a cane. Justine must take off her black jumper and return OTK for more spanking. She is told to stand and pull her thong down to her knees, then spread her legs to stretch the thong to its tightest, one of our top-ten favorite postures. Julie uses the paddle, a long stiff black leather affair, shaped like a peapod and big enough to cover both buttocks. It is an impressive instrument and used here as hard as we can recall--Justine cries out.

Justine now removes her thong and must kneel on the floor bent forward over a bench-like coffee table, knees wide again. After just two cane strokes, she stands and straddles the bench, probably because this position provides better swinging leverage, but we bet mostly because it exposes Justine's intimacies to perfect advantage. She appears to be highly aroused by this punishment. Twelve more solid strokes.

Touch toes for more cane, then a pause for her to make diary entries. They walk into the bathroom, where Julie creams her bottom but tells her there is more caning to come. "Oh, please, no more." Another dozen, with her leaning against a tile wall--bare bottom in a bathroom.

Back outside to the pool, Justine is advised to go home and show John Charles her diary, and "that's not all you have to show him." A question mark appears after "The End."

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