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Four Stories

70 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/4/08

Four spanking vignettes on the theme of potential unemployment:
(1) JOB APPLICATION: A woman interviews girls for a clerical job by test-spanking them. The scene opens with a magnificent completely nude brunette taking a mild strapping. She doesn't like it at all and won't be suitable for this job requirement. She sits naked on the much sat-upon CalStar couch while deciding to decline the job. Too bad. You wanted her to give it another try, actually several more tries. A foreign girl, with tortured blond hair, blows in 20 minutes late from Paris. The perturbed boss explains: "I spank bottoms." The blonde, in all innocence: "Are you going to do this every day?" She is spanked first then tawsed on the couch, bare of course. Oh yes, there is "one final feature." She touches toes for 6 snappy cane strokes, leaving nice lines and surely a lasting impression. She is made to strip for "one final test." She takes just one stroke with an odd implement, heavy twists of birch-like rods. Your hunch is this daunting instrument hurt more than anyone on the set intended. She is hired and gives us a little dismissive laugh as she leaves the set, without a stitch.

(2) PLAYING HOOKY: Very brief; attractive brunette Jenny has stayed home sick from her job. Her boss comes by to check and disbelieves her excuses. "You do need a spanking, Jenny." She agrees to take her punishment because she needs the job. OTK, skirt up, nice white satin panties. A sweet little spanking follows, pants down, pink cheeks. This boss is going to stop by more often.

(3) ALWAYS LATE: A sexy brunette finds herself bent over a kitchen counter for a spanking by her boyfriend/husband. She is wearing a thong and we can see some naughty jewelry only seen by people who know her very well. She takes a mild little spanking, showing us what we came to see. "Oh, my bum hurts."

(4) LATE DELIVERY: Another brief chapter, without the feel of a CalStar production. Two American men decide to spank their Continental assistant for messing up in the shipping department. "How bad do you want to keep your job?" First, she is ineffectually spanked over a table. Then (and now we are guessing she wants to keep this job) she takes off her blouse and bra, then her panties, but keeps her skirt modestly bunched, for a silly spanking. Some little frontal winks, but a promising storyline produces no results. One thing for sure, you can see she would be very popular around the office.

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