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Four Vicious Bitches

Guest Review by Sprite posted 12/18/09

Available in HD format, in this movie you witness the severe whipping of one girl and the caning of four other girls.

The storyline is somewhat far fetched, basically being a gang of four "bitches" who capture four girls at random and require them to undergo humiliating punishment for the amusement of the bitches in order to gain their freedom

The setting is a barn. The victims are strung up to a wooden beam upstairs and one by one are led down to the floor below. The first unfortunate is tied standing and receives fifty lashes of a long whip to her back. Three other girls are tied lengthwise across a wooden horse with legs tied up so that they are bent double over the horse, an uncomfortable position and humiliating in that they are completely naked and fully exposed when seen from the rear angle camera.

Each girl receives fifty harsh strokes of the cane from a combination of the bitches. One twist to the movie is that the pretty blonde bitch begins to feel sorry for the victims and tries to help them escape only to find herself discovered and stripped and similarly tied down over the horse for our viewing pleasure. She also receives fifty strokes of the cane from the other three bitches.

To add to their humiliation, each victim has to beg in advance for each stroke, "please may I have the thirty fifth stroke" etc. The position in which they are placed ensures that each cane stroke is placed across the central buttocks and the concentration of strokes on this relatively limited area means that each girl is very marked and bruised. It is very clear that the victims find the punishment almost unbearable and the camera moves from their marked bottoms to tear streaked faces so that we can see how difficult they are finding it.

There is a "bonus" interview with the blonde at the end of the movie. She is an experienced model and likes being beaten, but like the others she found this situation difficult to handle. She says it is a combination of the position, the long hot day's shooting of the movie and the fact that it is girls rather than men who administered the canings.

In my opinion, the storyline would be more credible if the captors had been men. But I doubt they would have managed to resist the temptation to handle the delicious goods on display during the punishment.

Another well crafted professional production by Mood with very severe action and lots of beautiful girls.

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