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Directed by Michael Masterson
Written by Michael Masterson
Miss J.
Lady D
Starring: Michael Masterson
Lady D
Review by David Pierson

'Friday Punishment' is nothing short of a masterpiece of Corporal Punishment video Erotica. This is an evolutionary leap forward for the Film's creative team and for the art form in general. That is saying quite a lot considering the fact that, in my opinion, the art form of spanking video erotica was irrevocably changed when Films released the now classic 'Road Trip' three years ago. 'Friday Punishment' features a new film making style for the Films Studios. It is a style that is at once intimate and yet edgy. The visuals are matched by the content of the script and fantastic performances by the all of the major stars of the RS.Com Films Studio. Jessica, Brandi and hardcore submissive Jennifer give the performances of their careers. For the first time in a Film production, it is the submissive performers who propel the plot-line. This production is also notable for the emergence of Michael Masterson as the best young director in the industry.

With all of that said, this is a production that features the intense chastisement of Jessica, Brandi and Jennifer. This is not a video for the timid or faint of heart. Each of these girls are sentenced to the dreaded Friday punishment session in the Deans office for a variety of infractions. The video takes place within the confines of the RS. Institute of Learning. The RS Institute is a facility in which young ladies with a history of criminal violations are rehabilitated and corporal punishment is often used as a motivating factor in gaining the cooperation of these young recalcitrants.

As the first act of the production opens, we find the lovely Jessica engaged in a meeting with the Dorm Mom (as played by the stunning Lady D). Jessica is "in trouble" having been caught in the act of self-gratification in her bedroom. " Why are you here?!" the Dorm Mom demanded. The mortified Jessica could not immediately respond. Then, in flashback, we are taken back in time and are present during Jessica's act of self-pleasuring. This is shown in graphic detail. As the attractive little red head neared orgasm (Yes Cyndi Lauper- she bops) her pleasure was interrupted by the sudden presence of the Dorm Mom. The sudden arrival of the stern mother of the dorm so disconcerted Jessica that she didn't know if she was coming or going. ( sorry)

We then find ourselves back in the DM's office. Jessica was made to say that she was there in the office because she was caught masturbating. As this was the second offense of this nature, Jessica was sentenced to the Friday Punishment session with the Dean. The Dorm Mom felt that Miss Jessica needed some immediate chastisement to prevent further such transgressions. Little Jessica was given six hard smacks on the palms of her offending hand with a wooden ruler.

Later that day Brandi found herself in the DM's office. She had been caught cheating on her midterm exams. She too was sentenced to the Friday punishment.

Next we find the incorrigible Jennifer in the presence of the Dorm Mother. In her eight months at the RS Institute of Learning Jennifer has been sentenced to the Friday punishment sessions numerous times and yet her bad behavior continued. Jennifer is once again condemned to a Friday meeting with the Dean, only a special chastisement was promised for this rather obstinate young woman.

Later, we see Jessica sitting alone in her room. A knock on the door, and she is joined by Brandi. The two discuss their fear over the approaching Friday ordeal. The two fearful girls then engage in a remembrance of punishments past. We are then taken in flashback to a time when Jessica, Brandi, Holly and Amy received an intense punishment at the DM's hands... and strap. (This scene was originally featured in the RS.Com Films production of ' Group Punishments') We were then transported to a time when Brandi and Corey were taken over the DM's knee as punishment for cutting class. Then we are taken back in time when Jessica was punished severely for smoking. The two girls shook with fear as they came to realize that those punishments would pale before that which is to come.

On Friday afternoon, the DM and the Dean (as played by Michael Masterson) were discussing the agenda for that afternoon's punishments. When the Dean saw Jennifer's name on the list of those to be punished he was stunned. He recalled many of the severe punishments that this young incorrigible had taken at his hands, paddle, strap or whatever he had lying around. One has to appreciate our Jennifer for what she is. She is what is known in the trade as a hardcore submissive. There are very few in Jennifer's class. You may consider Brigella, Trisha Monroe and Nikki Montfort as members of her trade union. I do not believe that we will ever see a video entitled 'Jennifer's Sensual Spankings'. In flashback the viewer is treated to scenes of Jennifer's intense punishments. (You can find these scenes in RS.Com Film's productions of 'Teen Jennifer 1 & 2')

At the appointed time Jessica, Brandi and Jennifer arrive to meet their fate. As the young women arrive in the Dean's office they are made to humiliate themselves by lifting this uniform skirts while facing their tormentors.

Jessica is the first to receive her punishment. She was sentenced to a severe hand spanking by the DM to be followed by sixteen swats with the paddle. Jennifer took her place over the Dorm Mom's lap and hell was unleashed upon her naked bottom. Every blow fell hard and fast causing Jessica to cry out. Once this portion of her chastisement was completed, Jessica was required to assume the position for her paddling. She did this while attempting to wipe away the tears from her spanking. With little warning the Dean moved into position and gave Jessica eight swats of the hard wooden paddle in rapid succession. Jessica cried as her bottom was assaulted by the hard wooden implement of punishment. While still gasping for breath from the first eight swats, the second eight swats were delivered with great speed. Jessica cried as her punishment came to an end. As Jessica was being punished the other two condemned young women looked on in horror.

Next, it was Brandi's turn to pay the consequences for violating the rules of the institute. First she took a trip across the DM's lap for a hard, bare bottomed hand spanking. Then Brandi was made to bend over for thirty lashes of a very nasty rubber strap. This vile tool of pain looks as if it was cut from a tractor-trailer tire. By the time Brandi had absorbed five blows from the strap she was shouting out in pain. She was given a break after she had taken ten lashes from the strap. She was sobbing as she was made to turn and face her punishers. She cried as she was bent over for her second and third sessions with the rubber implement of pain infliction. She actually screamed as the last few blows were applied to her sore bottom.

Lastly, it was Jennifer's time to face the execution of her sentence. Her's was the worst fate of all. To teach the rebellious girl a lesson, the Dean sentenced Jennifer to one hundred strokes of the cane. So after an intense session over the DM'' lap, Jennifer was made to bend over for one of the most intense punishments ever administered at the Institute. By the end of the one hundred stokes Jennifer's bottom was covered was nasty, purple stripes and she was left sobbing.

'Friday Punishment' is clearly the beginning of the next phase in the new wave movement in spanking video erotica. Fantastic film making technique combined with a great script, crisp editing and the superb performances delivered by all three of Film's major stars make this video a treat for lovers of the CP cinema. I have been told by the Film's creative team that their upcoming release of 'Maids' is to be their best work ever. I would say that if true that would be quite an achievement as ' Friday Punishment' has set a new standard of excellence that will prove hard to top.... from below or otherwise

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