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Fringe Benefits

Year: 1993
53 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 5/7/10

Formerly called "Welfare Cheats," no longer a marketable title and not accurate to the story. A sexy blonde, played by Suzi Martell, reports for an office interview; two other girls observe, call her a "bimbo," and discuss giving her a "going over" if she gets hired. The older girl tells her associate Jenny about the spanking she watched her get from her boyfriend Barry at a party last night. She plans revenge. "I'd much rather dish it out than have it done to me."

Suzi is hired. Mr. Sykes, a hovering "man upstairs" presence, phones the girls and wants her given typing lessons. The girls torment Suzi and have found their chance to give her the what-for. The senior girl sends Jenny to a nearby shop to buy "implements." At last we have found a place in CalStar where a supply of paddles and canes wasn't readily available.

The older employee starts Suzi OTK, claiming authority from Sykes. No dispute. She sits on her desk, Suzi's slacks down, black transparent panties, this high p0sition appealing. The actress squeaks and squeals delightfully, outside the mold of the conventional "ow's." Apparently Suzi was hired for more money than the two girls make (blondes have more fun?), so they are going to spank her twice a day, just because. Jenny returns with a few "bits and pieces," spanking implements.

"Get your clothes off." Suzi strips down to a thin leotard. The girls paddle her. "You prostituted yourself in the boss's office to get this...arch your back and stick your ass out." Jenny needs to hit harder. Suzi kneels up and must hold a cane in her mouth.

"Close the door, I don't want Mr. Sykes to hear this." The secretary canes Suzi, her bottom mostly bare, almost 50 strokes are shown--very fast in places, angles, repeats, moderate in severity. A few wild shots produce groans. This segment concludes with a fast 10 strokes, setting loose a lovely, surging, bobbing desperate bottom. The girls make her beg for the last one--"Please, may I have a nice stroke?" Here endth the first lesson.

The secretary says she is hot (overheated?). "I'm going to take my clothes off." To Jenny: "You enjoyed yourself at the party. Now would you like a good whipping?" "Yes."

The older girl is down to bra and panties. Jenny strips too. "Would you like the whip (cane) or the thong (strap)?" Jenny goes naked over the desk for the strap and wants it harder. They laugh: this is the way they are going to handle all new employees. When the older girl says Jenny has achieved a "very nice red bottom," she begins caning, with caresses, kisses, tonguing of Jenny's bottom mixed in, to groans of pleasure.

Almost 50 strokes are shown. "Ooh, that's lovely." "Is it making you wet?" "Yes." The secretary rubs her cool bottom against Jenny's hot one. This has worked out well. "You'll be taking the cane on a regular basis." "Thank you,'re rather bossy." The secretary is conjuring aloud how she is going to carve up her boyfriend Barry. "This is part of the role."

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