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Furthering Education

Written and Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer
Videography by Lawrence Selden
Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer
Samantha Woodley
Sierra Salem
Review by David Pierson

If you haven't seen a Chelsea Pfeiffer video in the past year then, you just haven't seen a Chelsea Pfeiffer video. Since the release of ' House Rules' a few months ago, Ms. Pfeiffer's work has become decidedly edgy without losing any of her renown humor. That video put the CP back into CP Entertainment... if you know what I mean?

'Furthering Education' picks up where 'House Rules' left off. It has been many months, and many spankings since Samantha (Woodley) first moved in with her dear Aunt Chelsea. It is clear that under the strict tutelage of her lovely Aunt, Samantha has grown into a well-behaved young woman. Chelsea and Samantha are being joined for the summer by Samantha's sister, Sierra (Salem). It was hoped that Samantha could provide some useful guidance to her sister as she prepares to begin her college career. Unfortunately, it seems that Sierra was having more of an influence upon her older sister that the other way around. The first night, as the two sisters were talking in bed, Sierra initiated a pillow fight. At first, Samantha tried to maintain her control, but youthful exuberance overcame her sense of restraint. Soon, the two sisters were engaged in a combat with weapons made of cloth and goose down. During their battle, Samantha accidentally broke one of her Aunt's favorite vases. The sound of breaking glass brought Aunt Chelsea onto the scene. When the girls were asked what had happened Samantha immediate owned up to her lapse in judgment. With that Chelsea said, "Well, just clean up the mess!", and then returned to bed. Sorry, just kidding there. Now that wouldn't make much of a spanking video, would it? In reality, Chelsea asked Sierra to leave the bedroom so that she could have a discussion with her older sister. This discussion was held with the twenty-one year old Samantha placed firmly over her Aunt's lap. Chelsea spanked Samantha over the seat of her baby doll pajamas for a time and then progressed to a hard bare bottom spanking. Before long, Samantha saw the error of her ways (and felt the heat from her bottom) and promised to be a more responsible young adult. Chelsea has this fantastic way of communicating with today's youth.

The next day, as Aunt Chelsea was out for a run, she was stunned to find that there was a black scratch on her car's bumper. She went inside finding the two sisters sitting in the living room in beach wear. Chelsea demanded to know what had happened to her beloved car. Initially, it looked as if Samantha and her Aunt were going to have another discussion. Samantha denied having anything to do with the damage to Chelsea's car. Half-heatedly, Sierra admitted that she had damaged her aunt's beloved automobile during a run to a local convenience store.

Now it was Sierra turn to experience on of those special over-the knee discussions that have proven so effective in ameliorating some of those youthful conflicts with Samantha. Sierra was taken over Aunt Chelsea's knee and spanked over her denim shots. Soon, the shorts were lowered and Chelsea spanked the naughty nineteen year- old brat over her bikini bottoms. Chelsea noted that if only Sierra had behaved she would be getting a tan on the beach. She noted that she would now be going to the beach with a red bottom. The brought out a loud "Oh no" from the humiliated teen who dreaded the thought of others seeing the results of her Aunt's handiwork. Her punishment was concluded on Sierra's bare bottom.

Thinking that she had effectively communicated her requirements to her nieces, Chelsea was horrified when, on one afternoon, she stumbled upon Samantha giving Sierra instruction on doing blow jobs. Perhaps I should explain. A blow job is a drink made up of vodka and cream. Sounds absolutely dreadful, doesn't it? Chelsea was horrified to find her nieces in an early state in inebriation. This time she was really angry. She bent the two bad girls over the couch and spanked them by hand and hairbrush on their bare bottoms. In the end, both girls's learned a valuable lesson..never do blow jobs while Aunt Chelsea in nearby.

'Furthering Education' is a fantastic production. It is fast paced, intense, sexy and highly entertaining. You really can't beat (perhaps you can..literally) the cast of this amazing video. It is rare to have so much top talent in one production. You have today's top spanking star in Samantha (America's Spanking Sweetheart) Woodley and the very popular Sierra Salem. Then, of course, there is the lovely and talented Chelsea Pfeiffer. This is a video that you need to have in your collection. I think that the 'Aunt Chelsea' collection is destined to be regarded as classics of the genre'

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