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Gardener's Grievance

27 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/8/10

This one is a little far-fetched, but entertaining for how the principals maneuver each other into the spanking configuration so quickly. John, a down-on-his-luck family friend, works as a gardener for Lady B. She is very dissatisfied with the roses, berates him, and he is not about to have any more of it. "What you need is a damn good spanking." Lady B: "Just try it." If the roses are actually ill-kempt, the action ought to be reversed, but then we wouldn't be watching.

John brings out a chair onto the lawn and takes his mistress OTK. Black skirt up, "very pretty knickers." He tugs them down with demonic glee for having this arrogant madame across his knee. He admires his own work. "The color of my ass is none of your business." But it is of course. There is a lot of similar dialogue as he spanks away.

He decides to take the rest of her clothes off, right there in the sunshine on the lawn. She struggles, but not a lot. She is soon nude but for stockings, a nifty little figure and patch of fuzz. He paddles and spanks her over the chair.

They walk across the lawn into the house--she is buck naked; you hope someone is watching. She has guests arriving in an hour, but there is still time. Over a couch, more paddling and the strap. "I think my bottom is red enough." Thankfully, John is the best judge, and he has "another delight" for her. "John, you're a disgusting pervert."

There seems to be a padded trestle right there in the room, and the naked Lady B. is promptly bottoms-up, for the martinet. "Where did you find that implement?" Loud "ow's" but the strokes are mild.

Rattan time. 30 strokes are shown, repeats, all the angles. Tears and shaking quivers. Marks and welts. The Lady's bitchy resolve has melted. "I'll never be rude to you again, John." In spite of her guests, "You've made me all horny, John, please stay." But he quits his job and will wait for another day, because this can be done again.

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