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The Genesis Collection
Directed by Eric Blair-Brown
Written by David Pierson and Amber Wells
Starring: Genesis
David Pierson
Guest Review by CutiePie, posted 6/16/06

I have just enjoyed watching a super naughty brat get her sexy bare bottom spanked again and again in one of the latest punished brats wall to wall spankathons. Here name is Genesis and she is one of the latest spanking superstars to hit the spanking scene. She is super sexy, awfully bratty, sassy, curvy and most of all highly spankable. I can see why this naughty brat has her very own movie just for her lucky bottom.

Scene1: seat of the problem.

Naughty! Naughty! Genesis has not been driving responsibly and word has got out to her dad and he is not happy at all. After Genesis's friend gives her dad (David) a phone call letting him know that his daughter has been speeding and even got a ticket he sits down with her and tries to get to the seat of the problem. Not happy with this naughty girl after his attempts to address the problem are not being listened to he decides what his naughty daughter needs is a good old fashioned spanking just like a naughty little girl. Yes that's right in this scene we have the pleasure of enjoying a realistic daddy daughter punishment spanking. Genesis can not believe it when David pulls her across his lap and begins to firmly spank her over and over again across her tight blue denim jeans in some blistering hot sexy spanking action. Embarrassed and with a bottom that is starting to sting genesis tries to brat her way out of the hard smacks but awwwwwwwww Her Dad is determined to make sure his daughter learns a lesson this time. Next her panties are pulled down and blushing with embarrassment Genesis has to endure a hard hand spanking*smack smack smack* cheek to cheek and even across her upper thighs .Her bottom is reddened a sexy rosy red. David still not happy and doesn't seem to be getting through to his bratty daughter who is so enjoyable to watch as she brats and pouts her way throughout the whole spanking grabs the wooden hairbrush and... *SMACK SMACK SMACK* genesis kicks and squirms as the hairbrush is slapped across her ever so reddening bottom again and again. And what are us lucky viewers left with at the end of this sexy hot scene? Why a naughty daughter displaying a cherry red, burning hot, curvy bare bottom.

Scene 2. The waiting game.

This is my favorite scene of this spankathon where we get to see the spanking delights of Genesis and spanking sweetheart with the toughest of tough little buns Pixie. The naughty girls wait and wait pondering how hard the spanking is going to be that they soon will be getting by David. Awwwwwww waiting for a spanking can be so hard but soon David Arrives and these girls do not have to wait any longer because as soon as her gets there one by one in turn the girls are brought over David's lap as her sits across the bed for a blistering hot spanking. David spanks them both very hard with his hand all over there bottoms and even their tender thighs till both their bottoms glow rosy sexy red. While one girl is spanked the other waits nervously for her turn. Then in the highlight of the scene and a reason for all you spankers to be so jealous of the lucky David. He makes them both bend over the edge of the bed, bottoms bare and sticking out in the air.*smack smack smack* he spanks them both in tandem camera angles turn to their faces as Pixie owwwwws sweetly and Genesis pouts ever so naughty and then to their reddening sexy bare bottoms. After there bottoms are spanked burning hot ruby red its corner time for these naughty girls.

Scene 3: A fine mess.

Genesis has to be confined to her bedroom for staying up way too late and well past her curfew the night before. She had been told by David she has to clean her room before its time for this naughty girl to go bed. When David enters her bedroom to say goodnight to his naughty girl he is shocked to find Genesis mucking about and her room still in a fine mess. To let the naughty Genesis know that he is certainly not happy with her he begins by to give Genesis a sound spanking over the bottom of her pink pajamas .She squirms to the sting of his hand and of course she puts on her best little pouting look to try to get out of her spanking but No! No! this girl has been very naughty so its panties down for a hard hand spanking then a even harder bare bottom slapping with the wooden spoon *ouch* her bottom ends up to be very red and very sore. I can just imagine how much that wooden spoon would have stung her sexy buns. Awwwwwwww Genesis will you ever learn ? Hmmmm doesn't seem like it and that's why we love her.

Scene 4: Cheeky Cheerleaders.

Hmmmmmm what's better than a naughty cheerleader who deserves a good sound spanking? Why Two naughty cheerleaders both deserving a good sound spanking. In this sexy last scene that just what we get because Pixie and Genesis have been very, very naughty girls. The naughty Cheerleaders Genesis and Pixie wanted to gain the attention of the boys as they performed their cheerleading routines. Hmmmmmmm sounding naughty already isn't it? To impress the young men in the stands they both wear sexy skimpy g-strings under their short uniforms instead of the required regulation panties. Unluckily for the sexy girls, they also drew the attention and anger of Headmaster Pierson. They wait in the headmaster's office as Pierson informs them their bottoms are in for a good hard paddling for their naughtiness. First it is Genesis's turn and she has to stand and bend over a chair with her hands placed on the seat as she is paddles hard leaving her bottom a gorgeous ouchieee shade of ruby red. Off to the corner with her red bottom showing for her as its Pixies turn to bend over and receive her stinging wallops of the hard wooden paddle. Poor naughty Pixie she is spanked even harder and even has to count her smacks in between her sweet owwwwwwws. She is left with a super red bottom and off to the corner for her too for a good think about her naughtiness.

*hot hot hot* was every smack that landed on Genesis and Pixie in this movie that I enjoyed maybe a little too much because it is sure to leave me thinking naughty thoughts for a long time. The movie is well acted and very believable which I think is the best thing about this movie. You can really believe while you watch this that these girls are getting real true punishment spankings.

I think Genesis is sure to be going to be a wonderful sexy addition to the spanking scene.

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