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Guest Review by Sprite

GESTAPO is the latest offering by Mood Pictures and it is claimed by them to be the most severe spanking film in the world.

I decided to treat myself to this movie, which I downloaded, as a birthday present and whilst it is quite expensive I thought it was very good value for money. The download process is efficient and took just over one hour.

The storyline is that the Gestapo are trying to obtain confessions for the assassination of Hitler and three female Gestapo officers have been given the task of obtaining confessions from five female prisoners. All eight actresses are young and attractive.

The first part of the film involves the extraction of a confession from a very attractive brunette by use of electric shocks to her pussy and twenty lashes of the whip on her back. None of this is particularly harsh and would be considered very tame in a BDSM film, but is a good scene setter for the main action which involves the caning of the other four girls.

The film rapidly moves on to this, which is set in a prison cell type set with plain grey walls and a spanking stool set in the middle of the room. This contraption requires the girls to kneel and their legs are strapped slightly apart, and the prisoners then bend forward onto their elbows with their forearms chained to the stool..

One by one they strip off their prison garments and are secured in position. All have very attractive firm bottoms which are beautifully displayed in all their pristine white glory bent over ready for the first stroke. The three guards take turns to cane the first three girls. They have differing caning styles but all are very professional and have a wonderful stern attitude. Each girl knows from the first stroke that the guards mean business. The canes whistle and crack and the girls scream out the numbers of their required fifty strokes. There are clear tramlines by stroke 10 and by 50 their bottoms are heavily marked and bruised with some stokes wrapping round the right buttock and upper thigh. At the end if their fifty they must shout out Heil Hitler, which the first three do and are released to kneel down naked with their hands on their heads to watch the remaining punishment.

But the fourth girl is made of sterner stuff and shouts Fuck Hitler ! after her fifty. This must have taken considerable courage because her buttocks had already taken a severe beating by this stage. The result is a further fifty from a second guard and yet another twenty from the senior officer using a viscous looking black cane which she breaks on stroke number four with the force used. By the end of 120 strokes the girl's will is broken and she screams out her devotion to Hitler and is finally released, her bottom a swollen mass of weals and bruises.

From the above description the reader may get the impression that this is a brutal film, similar in nature to the Lupus film recently reviewed. I didn't think it was, although it will only appeal to those who enjoy had core severe spanking films. I enjoyed Gestapo , which I thought was very well produced. The actresses were all extremely professional and took their role playing seriously. The guards were experienced in their craft, taking their time to deliver the strokes to ensure accuracy and the correct amount of strength to produce an impressive set of well marked bottoms without drawing blood or inflicting damage that would be more than extensive bruising which will clear up in a matter of a couple of weeks leaving the girls back with their lovely clear white bottoms (hopefully ready for the next production !). The prisoners didn't look or sound as though they were enjoying their roles as much as the guards but still were obviously professionals well aware of what they were expected to endure and had consented to the scene. They certainly all earned their fees.

The camerawork and film quality was good, switching between the bottom of the prisoner, and the faces of the guards and the prisoners.

I think that Mood Pictures have catered well for their specialised target audience with this film and if you are into severe caning action this is one you should not miss.

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