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M/F reviewed by the webmaster

This video features a young (between 18-20) blonde who is punished in 2 scenes. You never see the girl's face in the video, however in a later video she does show her face and she is pretty cute. Anyway, the video starts off with her being a house guest of the guy who usually does the spanking in this company's videos. She is caught snooping through his things and is given a spanking as punishment. She is wearing a t-shirt and black pants with blue silk panties. She is brought OTK for a fairly lengthy hand spanking over the panties only. He does pull them a little bit down a few times, but just enough for a tease. She is warned that if she messes up again, she'll be spanked on the bare. Well, since there are 2 scenes, you can probably guess she messes up again. She is caught making a lengthy long distance phone call, which our guy is very unhappy about. With today's prices, I don't blame him. So, he sits down on the couch and she pulls down her jeans and gets over his lap. She is wearing light grey panties and gets a little warm up over them. He then pull down her panties down just below the cheeks and procedes to give her a nice hand spanking. She has rather light skin, so she reddens up nicely. After the hand spanking, he has her pull up her undies and go over to an ottoman. She leans over the ottoman and pull the panties back down. He then procedes to spank her over the ottoman with one of the paddles that usually have a rubber ball attached to them and then a wooden spoon. He spanks her with this hand some more and then they move back to the couch to wind up the video with a find dose of otk action. She is quite red by the time the punishements are over. The video lasts around 30 minutes or so.

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