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Girl on a Train Part 2

11 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/4/09

A brief fantasy--musings of train travelers. In part 1, a female passenger imagined herself spanked by another male rider. In this part 2, actor Michael Dawes spies a pretty blonde boarding an elevated train and we play out his fantasy of spanking her, a perverse form of girl-watching. CalStar used an actual outdoor train scene.

The fantasy tracks this actor's CP interest, found throughout his work. The little blonde is decked out schoolgirl style, ponytails, white socks, plaited skirt, blue knickers, and perches saucily on a bed, awaiting action. Dawes is seen spanking her on the bed, a combination of OTK and partly lying beside her. "You're a very naughty schoolgirl...let's have a look at your bare bottom...let's smack it hard." Ritual language. he handspanks and fondles, almost simultaneously.

He spanks her slowly, feeling and probing as he goes. "I can tell you are enjoying this." She giggles and does appear to be aroused. Michael is having a fine time himself--he pulls apart her buttocks for a careful gander. When he searches between her legs, her dreamy face is shown in the same shot.

The film concludes with a long, slow application of baby lotion, to the pleasure of both.

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