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Individual Clip Review by MARS posted 5/14/10
24 Strokes In the Lunge Position, M/f, 14 Minutes

Another short oeuvre, mostly naked humiliation, with some corporal punishment. A young-looking auburn/brunette American accented girl kneels erect, in a shorty top and bare bottom, on a very uncomfortable rattan stool. This pose and posture alone would form a tableau statisfactoy for many.

Her tormentor, an aggressive young male with shaved head, extracts from her that she masturbates Sundays when bored in the church pew and she explains in some detail her method.

She is taken to an adjoining room, permitting a view of her carefully tended mohawk. She strips off her top and is "fully nude," nifty, cute, trim, and supple. Onto the floor, her master directs her into the "lunge" position. "Making a bridge," it was called in our day. Not nice, bottom high, not a speck of dignity, and everything hanging out. We are in an empty well-lit industrial room. Voices and footsteps echo.

The master removes his black leather belt and lays on 24 strokes-- she counts down the ringing cracks backwards, with inceasing difficulty. Perfect lighting, sound, closeups as she recovers between strokes. This position is used as mild torture in initiation and hazing ceremonies. She must remain, bottom blazing, for an hour. The camera holds her nudity full-screen for the last few minutes of the film.

Individual Clip Review by MARS posted 3/26/10
Not Mine, MF/2f, 13 Minutes

The short GBS format, and therefore expensive to access; GBS compensates for its brevity with a demonic imagination, and punished girls are brought to justice without the ado which takes up tape time.

American actresses play students at a disciplinary school. They are not permitted to enter Headmaster Tom's office unless they are already naked from the waist down. Beverly, a very pretty brunette who graces the cover art, strips off her pants to gain entry and shows the faceless headmaster a dildo she claims to have found in her friend Abi's bag. Her shirt is not quite long enough to hide her mohawk which peeks at us as she stands before his desk.

The HM goes and finds Abi, and Beverly eavesdrops as we hear a spanking and squealing start behind a door. the HM soon determines and Beverly admits she set up Abi, in a confrontation where both girls stand half-naked before him to have the discussion.

The HM will let Abi spank Beverly, giving her the same as she got. She bends bare bottom over a table, jeans still on. Abi steps into position with an absolutely huge soft leather reformatory-style strap/paddle and begins to whale away, full force. 3 strokes, a rubbing break, 9 more strokes, another break, then 7 more to 20, the last one hard enough to rock Beverly almost out of position. Abi herself is bottomless as she does the paddling, but her shirt is just a bit too long, adding to the tease.

Beverly is not finished. The HM makes her beg: "May I please take off my trousers and ask for five more?" the last five on her bare, rouged, top-notch GBS-style bottom, rock. Beverly has earned "two estra days" at the institution and must now stand, cornered, bare bottom, hands-on-head, for three hours. Punishment will be repeated if she moves.

Updated review by John O'Connell - 2/5/10

It's been a long time since I've reviewed Girls Boarding School and they have certainly kept busy during that time. The site has continued to update every week with new video and photo series, and upgrading them as well. While some of the school's original girls such as Linda and Claire have graduated, new girls have taken their place. Maggy, Elin, and Keagen just to name a few, report reguarly for their spankings, paddlings, and canings. For a site that has produced many videos, Girls Boarding School has done a great job of keeping things interesting always coming up with new reasons for the girls to be punished along with different settings and implements. Many of the scenes are not for the faint of heart as they cause deep bruising and welts that the girls no doubt feel for a long time after their punishment.

The material itself has been upgraded significantly since my last review. Photo are in a high resolution and the video clips have been upgraded to 1500 kbs and more recently, 2000 kbs. Normal viewing area for the videos is 640X480, but look and play well on a 22 inch digital monitor. The site is updated every day, but it may take a few weeks for the latest scene to be completely online. Each update will load a part of a scene, be it the photos or one part of the video. Once all the clips of a particular scene are online, a complete video file usually follows suit. All of the site's original content is still online, so if you never had a membership before be prepared to spend hours and hours looking through the archived content. There is also an extensive free area with many photos from the more recent updates for you to look through. The cost for membership is 35.95 USD or 24.99 EUR.

Updated Review- 5/4/03

Periodically, and when the opportunity arises, I like to check back on websites and update you on how they are doing. Some websites improve, others stay the same, and some decline. When I first checked out Girls Boarding School, it was a fairly new site. Since then, it has taken off like a fighter jet from an aircraft carrier. There is now tons more content than there was when I last wondered about the members area. It's really amazing how much they've added since the site went online. Before I talk about the content, I have to mention how lovely the girls are that they feature. Most sites have nice looking girls, don't get me wrong, but the girls here are just extraordinary. They are all young and beautiful with no large tattoos or signs of someone heavily addicted to drugs. It honestly amazed me that they could find that many preppy looking young women willing to do this. Once you get over the shock of how lovely the girls are, you will then be treated to hours worth of video clip enjoyment. There are high resolution photos sets that are crisp, clear, and feature many photos. There are also video captures that go with the clips that are fairly decent quality. Despite these great photos, the bread and butter of this site is the videos clips. They are mostly in Real Media format and are of very good quality. The screen size is average, but the quality of the video itself is excellent for a media clip. I was also impressed with the variety of scenes and some of the unique scenarios they came up with. The "cellar" punishments were one of my favorites, where the girl being punished was made to stand on a folding ladder, holding the rungs, and punished on the bare with a variety of instruments. In addition, the site is updated every 2 days with several new clips and/or images. There is always at least a few items added in each update. This of course explains the vast amount of content, as they seem to keep adding and adding and adding. The price is $24.95 a month now, which seems to be the going rate these days. I'd like to see the sites stay reasonable, say under $15 a month, but it seems as though you get what you pay for. In my opinion, this site is worth the money. There are also options that let you pay for several months in advance, including a 2 week trial and a full year plan with price breaks. I always appreciate those, it's nice when a site rewards your continuous patronage with price breaks. In closing, this site just keeps getting better and better. It is arguably one of the best pay sites on the internet and shouldn't be passed by. This site has a nice non-member preview area, so by all means, go to the site and at least look at the preview items. You won't be disappointed.

I came across Girls Boarding School, and realized I hadn't seen this site before. After poking around the free area for a bit, my interest was peaked, so I decided to give it a try. The site has only been around for a few months, but they already have a good amount of content. They only feature content in which they create, so none of the same old photos that you've seen a thousand times here. It's a little pricey at $19.95, but I figured what the hell. I first checked out the photo galleries. There is already several hundred photos, all of which are in series format. As far as I can tell, the photo series and the videos are different, so the photos are not just a compliment to the videos. One of my pet peeves is small resolution sizes, so I was thrilled to pieces when I saw the photos on this site are all high resolution, coming in at a whopping 1024X764. They also feature some really cute looking girls, in a variety of scenarios. A feature that I thought was very nice is that each series can be downloaded as a zip file. So, you have some options when you click on a gallery number. Each photo has a thumbnail, and you can view each one individually and save it, or you can just download a zip folder with all of the photos from that gallery in it. Someone once said it's the little things in life, and by being able to save time and download the gallery as a zip and view it offline is a nice little touch. The videos are in either Real Media or in AVI format, and are pretty average in quality. The clips themselves feature a few different girls in several scenarios and each clip lasts a few minutes. Some of the clips are in German, and others have English speaking people with German accents. The site is easy to navigate and is very user friendly. Although a new site, there is already a large amount of content for you to look through. The site is updated every 5 days with at least a few new galleries and a video clip. The free area features a photo or two from every series and video, so you can decide if you are interested in the content before you sign up. I also like that feature, you know what you're getting before you commit. Although a tad on the pricier side than some sites, Girls Boarding School has a nice original content with frequent updates. Check out the free page and go from there.

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