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This video is set in a school environment, with a female headmistress. The set is so/so but the uniforms are pretty good. Each of the 3 girls wears a red plaid skirt with white blouse. There is a blonde, brunette, and a red head (dyed). The tape opens with the 3 girls standing being scolded by the headmistress. The red head is in trouble and is taken over the knee for a sound spanking both over her white panties and on the bare. She is then spanked with a hairbrush. The next scene goes to the girl's bedroom where they are caught smoking and drinking. First, the blonde, wearing a robe and white ' panties is made to stand against the wall. She is spanked with her panties wedged up into her crack and then with her panties down. Next the brunette is bent over and spanked both over her red panties and on the bare. Same treatment for the redhead, who is now wearing a nighty and a black thong. Next scene to the headmistresses office, where the brunette, back in the schoolgirl outfit, receives a short spanking by the headmistress on the bare while bent over the desk. After the spanking, the brunette returns to the bedroom, where the other two girls are waiting. They accuse her of being teachers pet, grab her, pull down her panties and have a little spanking fest. After the spanking, the brunette is then seen back in the office where the headmistress is informed of the spanking and applies lotion to the brunette's butt. We then open to the blonde and red head bent over a sawhorse naked. They are strapped by both the headmistress and the brunette. But wait, there's more. The next scene opens in the headmistress' bedroom, where she spanks the redhead on the bare. The final scene shows all 3 in their uniforms. They bend over, drop their panties, and get a few spanks each. The video is approximately an hour long. Although I wouldn't classify this as a realistic schoolgirl video, there is alot of hard spanking action.

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