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Girl Trouble
Written and Directed by Amber (Pixie) Wells and Eric Blair-Brown
Starring: Amber (Pixie) Wells
Krissi Styles
Susan Severe
Beverly Bacci
Janine Bleu
David Pierson
Guest Review by CutiePie, posted 5/22/06

I had the pleasure of enjoying an all brat spankathon when I watched girl trouble today. It was hot from first stinging smack over tight jeans to the last painful sting of a hairbrush on a naughty brat's bare bottom.

Scene: 1 Skipping School.

This scene features too new naughty spankable brats to the spanking scene, cuties Krissi and Beverly and the strict stepmother Susan. Both naughty brats had been caught skipping school and mucking about with boys. A big no! no! and Krissi's new strict stepmother is certainly not happy with the young brat. Susan orders Krissi's nervous friend Beverly to wait outside the room as she punishes her stepdaughter with some good stern discipline. Surprised and shocked by the fact that her friend still gets spankings the adorable Beverly waits outside the bedroom by the door and listens in on her friends hard, fast spanking. Her stepmother spanks her hard check to cheek over her jeans as Krissi wriggles and brats defying her punishment. I particularly enjoyed Krissi's presence on screen she is a true brat and even calls her stepmother a witch, not a good idea while having your bottom spanked!!. Then the jeans come down followed by her panties for a good hard spanking on her blush red bottom. Krissi's bratting turns to sorry(s) as she is intensely embarrassed by her friend listening to the sounds of slaps and owwws. My favorite highlight of the scene is the lovely expressions sweetheart Beverly shows as she just can not believe what is happening to her poor friend. At one point she opens the door just enough to witness her friends red bottom. The scene is left with a teasing to be continued. Hmmmmmmmm will naughty girl Beverly get her deserved bottom spanking, I hope so.

Scene: 2 Sisters.

Wow what a wonderful scene with a favorite theme of mine sisters featuring the beautiful Genesis and the naughty sweetie pixie Wells. This scene is spanking hot and ever so sexy thank-you girls. The scene begins with Genesis entering her bedroom to find her sister wearing her skirt ready to go out and she is not happy. Genesis struggles with Pixie to get back her skirt causing it to rip. Oh Dear!!!. Genesis tells Pixie if she does not turn over for a spanking she will tell Mum and Dad, so pixie ends up over her knee and is spanked hard and sexy over her almost bare bottom if not for her hot black lace panties. Pixies pleads sorry and wriggles her bottom as much as she can to avoid the stinging smacks. It is a delight to watch Genesis as she spanks her very fast and hard till her bottom glows red. When Genesis feels her sister is sorry both girls hug and make up. Awwwwwwww how very cute.

Scene 3: Truth and Consequences.

Lovers of true discipline will delight with the reddening bottom of a very naughty girl who truly deserves to be spanked hard to learn a lesson. Brittney learns that truth has serious consequences when she tells David that she has taken out his new car without permission and has accidentally scratched it. OH nooooooooo!! You just know that her naughty brat bottom is going to be in serious trouble. David is not happy and wants to teach this naughty girl a lesson she will soon not forget. Brittney tries to get out of her spanking but it's no good she is soon over David lap getting a stinging hard spanking. David begins her punishment over tight jeans always a favorite of mine. He spanks her very hard and very fast and I just could not wait to her bottom would be reveled for I was sure it would be very red and to my pleasure it certainly was. As her jeans are pulled down you can see the redness around her panties. A rain of stinging smacks land one after the other cheek to cheek thigh to thigh on her tender red bottom. She wriggles and kicks about as her panties are finally pulled down and we get to see the smacks land on her red bare bottom. Brittney continually puts her hands back to cover her bottom which frustrates David to my delight putts his legs over hers and his arm grips hers tight so the naughty girl can not wriggle or squirm. Smack, smack, smack over her bottom till he tells her to get up thinking the spanking is over to my surprise David tells her to go get the hairbrush but she has to leave her pants at her knees and waddle to get the hairbrush so he can watch her red bottom as she leaves. Awwwwwwwww how cute. Over his lap again as she hands him the hairbrush as he wastes not time applying it hard and fast to her tender bottom.*ouch*By the end of the spanking her bottom is red and bruised and she has to stand still with her hands on her head and guess what if she moves more spanking. I have a feeling this naughty girl will be standing perfectly still. The scene is finished with a close up of her tender red and bruised bottom *lovely*

Scene 4: Borrowed funds.

This scene is even harder than the last one and was just as enjoyable to watch. Featuring Janine another new spanking model with sexy curves and a very spankable bottom. Janine has been a very bad girl indeed and earns her bottom reddening by borrowing money for a fundraiser that she was unable to pay back. Not to worry David solves this problem with a good old fashioned hard sound spanking for this naughty brat. The spanks are hard at first smack over and over her pajama bottoms check to cheek harder and harder all over her naughty bottom. Pants are pulled down reveling a already bright red bottom then smack, smack, smack over and over till it is time for the hairbrush. Janine is soon sobbing and very sorry for being a naughty girl as the hairbrush proves to be very painful. Her bottom is red all over and very sore and she has truly learnt a lesson today. David stops and comforts her telling her its now time for bed. When David leaves the room Janine lays down her bottom turned facing the camera so we can see just how red her curvy bottom is. This movie was a joy for me to watch, thank you David:)It had just what I desire in a spanking movie naughty brats, hard fast firm hand spankings over the knee bare bottoms till glowing red, good hard discipline and most of all fun.

Now watching such a exciting movie is such a tease for me because it has been so long since my last spanking now spanking is all I am going to think about. Now I just hope I can get a spanking as wonderful as these on a bare bottom fast and hard with a firm hard hand. I look forward to watching many more of the Punished Brats movies in the future.
cutiepie xoxoxo

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