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Girl Trouble 11
Written and Directed by Eric Blair-Brown and Amber (Pixie) Wells
Lilly Page
Charlie Skye
Andi Rae
Beverly Bacci
David Pierson
Veronica Bound
Ms. Susan
Running Time: 43 Minutes
Review by John O'Connell (2/26/10)

# of Spanking Models: 6
# of Scenes: 6
Script: Good. Interesting dialogue, no useless babble
Spanking Severity: Moderate to Hard
Spanking Devices: 6 - Hand, Small Wooden Paddle, Hairbrush, Strap, Cane, Small Leather Paddle
Category: Compilation, various themes

Scene 1: Freshman Roomie with Beverly and Lily. The permise for the first scene on this DVD is that Beverly has caught her roommate Lily snooping through her mail once again. She even went as far as to eat the brownies that were sent to her from home. This is the last straw and it is time for Lily to pay for her disregard for Beverly's property. Beverly doesn't waste anytime getting down to business. She has Lily pull down her little white shorts along with her lacy panties and then get across her knee. There will be no warm up spanking over clothes for this naughty blonde. And Beverly opts to go right for the hairbrush to teach Lily a proper lesson. It isn't long before Lily's legs are flailing as Beverly pounds Lily's young behind, the shorts to flying and promises are soon delivered of never touching Beverly's mail again. But, Beverly isn't convinced. Not to mention she is really pissed that Lily ate her brownies, she really was looking forward to them. So, Lily won't be able to sit down for quite some time because of it, hope they were worth it. We are treated to a variety of camera angles in this scene including a low angle camera from behind and a wider angle from the front that allows us to see Lily's reactions and her bottom being punished at the same time. The scene ends with Lily being placed against the wall while kneeling on the bed and rubbing her cute behind. The scene lasts just over 6 mintues.

Scene 2: Pajama Drama with Andi Rae and David Pierson. In this scene, Andi is sent to her room where she is to change into her pajamas and await her punishment. The segment begins with Andi entering the bedroom and removing her pants and panties. She pulls up her pajama bottoms, then removes her top and replaces it with the pajama top. She then lays on the bed and waits for David to arrive, which is within a few seconds. He orders her to stand so that he may sit on the bed and then has her lay across his lap. The hand spanking begins over her pajama pants which immediately yields some protests from Andi. Why wouldn't it? I've often called David names such as Iron Hand and The Hand of Pain. The man can spank all day and it wouldn't phase him. Sadly, the same can not be said for poor Andi's bottom. It is not long before Andi's pj bottoms are dropped and the punishment continues on her already red behind. She tries to block a few of the slaps with her hand, to which David just swooshes her hand aside. He continues to spank without a word and without hesitation. Like you or I making a sandwich or typing an email. Andi probably wishes he was doing something like that....anything really other than smacking her bottom. Sadly for her, this spanking is no where near being over. There are still several long minutes of continuous spanking to which she is obviously not enjoying. Smack after smack, she squirms and wiggles, yet she can not avade his iron hand no matter what she does. Mercifully, the spanking does eventually end and David just tosses her onto the bed face down and leaves the room as if nothing had ever happened. The scene lasts for just over 7 minutes.

Scene 3: Punishment Center starring Bronte and David Pierson. Bronte has been called to the school's punishment center because she was caught cheating on a test. In this scene, Bronte is to be strapped by David. I'm not sure what is worse, to be strapped or to deal with David's iron hand. Maybe she lucked out with the strap, I'm not sure. Either way, Bronte arrives at the punishment center and signs off on her punishment. She raises her skirt, lowers her pink panties, and assumes the position over a padded chair. David uses a small hand strap to chastise Bronte's cheating ass. It is not long before it is a bright shade of red, but that does not deter our punishment delivery man. Oh no, he continues at a steady pace despite Bronte's pleas. Bronte tries to block the strap, but to no avail. The strapping continues for several more minutes before David believes that Bronte has learned her lesson. Some great facial shots capturing the moments that the strap strikes her behind. Once the punishment concludes, Bronte is made to stand in the corner with her skirt up and panties down putting her well tanned behind on display. The scene lasts for just over 7 minutes.

Scene 4: Cheer Squad with Pixie and Ms. Susan. Pixie has been placed on academic probation and isn't able to cheer at the game. Well, this is just not acceptable and Pixie has a major fit about it. That doesn't gain any points with the coach, so Pixie is kicked off the squad entirely, ordered to remove her uniform on the spot, and punished throughly for her behavior. After stripping down to her black bra and red panties, Pixie is pulled over Coach Susan's knee. Her panties are yanked down and she is immediately punished on the bare with a hand paddle. Pixie kicks and protests wildly, but Coach Susan is mad as hell and isn't going to give into her protests. If anything, she paddles her harder. Think you're going to try and block that paddel Pixie? Susan says I don't think so and hold her hand against her back. Pixie is paddled for over five minutes until her rear is bright red. Great camera angles here as well, making this punishment just as embarassing as it is painful. When her cute buns look as though they had been grilled on a hot plate, the coach stands her up and places her in the corner to think about her behavior. The scene lasts for 6 minutes.

Scene 5: Dancer's Discipline starring Angelina and Ms Veronica. Angelia just doesn't seem to be putting enough effort into her performances at the dance academy, so Veronica decides that she knows just the sort of motivation that will help her along. Angelina has a very cute and innocent face, which really adds something to her scenes. Here she is found wearing her dance outfit trying to do some dance moves. She just isn't getting it, so Veronica has her remove her leotard and then lower her tights down to her knees so that she is naked above the knees. Over Veronica's knee she goes where the hand spanking begins immedidately. Angelia learns a new dance as she wiggles and kicks to the beat of Veronica's hand smacking her exposed bum. Smack after smack, Angelia is left to wonder why she just didn't put in the effort required. Certainly it would have been better than this. Good thing there isn't any sitting in dance, as she probably won't be doing any for quite some time. After several minutes of spanking, Veronica lets Angelina up. Whew, it's over Angelina thinks. Or is it. No, Veronica is not done yet. Angelia is placed over the chair Veronica was just occupying and proceeds to use the cane on her bare globes. Angelina is dancing now, albeit not on her feet. After a number of strokes, the punishment concludes. Angelia is made to kneel on some type of wooden step thing and face the wall. The scene lasts for over 7 minutes.

Scene 6: Clothes on Your Back with Charlie and Veronica. Charlie has been going on shopping sprees. The only problem is, she used Veronica's credit card and hasn't paid for any of her clothes. Veronica makes Charlie strip completely naked for this punishment since everything Charlie is wearing, including underwear, was paid for by her. In case you forget Charlie's name, it's tatooed on her stomach. In fact, Charlie has a lot of tattos, which I myself don't think is necessary as she is quite an attractive girl without them. But, that is neither here nor there and it's not a John O'Connell review if I don't bitch about tats. Anyway, Veronica is a PB spanker, so she doesn't waste any time getting down to business. She uses a small leather hand paddle to quickly drive the point home. If you buy it, you must pay for it. Veronica reddens each cheek evenly to make sure there is no cheek favoritism. I think both of Charlie's cheeks get the point. The way Veronica lays into Charlie's behind, I tell you, one would think Charlie really did use her credit card in real life. Man, does she give it to her. Back and forth, hard swats are applied at a feverish pace. And then Charlie has the nerve to throw in a few smart comments. Seriously, like that is going to help your cause. It just makes Veronica smack her harder. After six minutes of punishment, Veronica finally lets Charlie and her firery hot behind off the hook. Well, she still has to pay for her purchases, but the spanking part of this is done. She is left to lay on her bed naked while staring at the credit card. The scene lasts for just over 7 minutes.

Another great production by Punished Brats. Like the other Girl Trouble videos, the scenes either can be found in the members area of the site or will eventually be in there. But, there are many that still prefer DVDs and there is a marked quality difference between a DVD and video clips. The video quality and sound quality is just simply unmatched. I enjoyed this production and think many of you would as well.

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