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Girl Trouble 7
Written and Directed by Eric Blair-Brown and Amber (Pixie) Wells
Tina Tink
Amanda Rose
Vanessa Vix
Nyssa Nevers
Lily Anna
Annabella Briscoe
Veronica Bound
David Pierson
Richard Windsor
Running Time: 37 Minutes
Review by John O'Connell (6/19/09)

# of Spanking Models: 6
# of Scenes: 6
Script: Good. Interesting dialogue, no useless babble
Spanking Severity: Moderate to Hard
Spanking Devices: 3 - Hand, Small Wooden Paddle, Small Teardrop Leather Paddle
Category: Compilation, various themes

I'm a little behind (ha ha) on getting my reviews out, so this is actually not the most recent release from Punished Brats. But, it's still worth giving a look over. Like the other Girl Trouble DVDs, the 7th installment offers a compilation of 6 different scenes featuring 6 different models. So without further adieu let's get this rolling.

The first segment is titled Project Revenge and features Tina Tink and Veronica Bound. The synopsis is that Amanda Rose is tired of doing all of Tina's work on a project and suggests to Tina's mom that Tina is in need of a good spanking. Much to Tina's dismay (and our delight) Veronica agrees. There is a short dialogue starting the segment with Amanda Rose and Tina wearing those great schoolgirl outfits. Amanda Rose is very polite, leaving Veronica to wish that Tina had the same cordiality. Telling her mom to "close the door and leave" was the last straw and it's time for Tina to have an attitude adjustment. All the while, Amanda Rose is outside the door listening. As Amanda Rose departs, we return to the bedroom to see Tina laying across pillows on the bed with her skirt up while Veronica smacks her panty covered bottom. Tina's black frilly panties offer little protection to Veronica's seasoned spanking skills. Amazingly enough, Tina is able to scream, talk, and chew gum all at the same time. It isn't long before the panties take a trip south for the winter and the bare bottom spanking begins. Efforts to block the slaps only annoy Veronica further and cause for harder smacks to rain down on Tina's behind. The spanking is non-stop for the next several minutes before Veronica ends her assault. Tina is left rubbing her bottom and calling her friend so that they can study properly with Tina's participation. The scene lasts for just over 5 minutes.

The next segment is titled House Call Detention and features Amanda Rose and Veronica Bound. Amanda Rose skipped detention and is paid a visit at home by the principal Veronica. Amanda thinks she can talk her way out of it and just show up early the next morning. Think again. With Dad (David Pierson) present, Amanda Rose is to be punished by Principal Veronica. Pulled off the couch, Amanda Rose is bent over a wooden chair where her school skirt is raised, her blue panties are yanked down, and the paddle goes to work on her bare bottom immediately. Amanda Rose cries out to Daddy asking him to make Veronica stop. His answer is to walk into the other room. See ya Amanda Rose, you're on your own. Veronica delivers over 125 whacks with the short paddle, leaving Amanda Rose's backside red and bruised. If that isn't enough, looks like she's going to be grounded for a long time too. Poor Amanda Rose.

Scene three features another student/principal match up. Titled Senior Attitude, Vanessa Vix thinks she rules the halls of the school because she is a senior. Well, Principal David Pierson has another view. And before long that view will be of her bare bottom over his lap. Vanessa complains that she has been called to "Mr. P's" office and that this is embarrassing for a senior. All the while David calmly slides off his coat and folds preparing for the punishment he'll be dishing out. This is a non-nonsense, act and not talk approach. 45 seconds into the scene, Vanessa is over David's lap. And he wastes no time with idle chit chat while she there either. He immediately commences a hard spanking over her jean mini-skirt. If she thought being called into the office was bad, wait until her skirt goes up. A revealing pair of see-through panties is all that protects her bottom from David's heavy hand. Her protests are a waste of breath and he doesn't even pay attention to her. He's like a machine, smacking each cheek equally so that one doesn't feel left out. And Vanessa is completely stunned when her last line of defense panties are taken down and her bare bottom must now face the wrath of Pierson. The slaps are continuous, so much so that you can time music to them. If you've seen Punished Brats material before, you know that David doesn't stop for conversation very often. All the while Vanessa's rear is becoming redder and redder. Even amongst the high pitched screams, he continues. Which is great for us, not so great for Vanessa. Finally, after nearly 4 solid minutes of spanking, she is let up and made to stand in the corner with her skirt up and panties down.

The next scene is titled The Nanny Paddle and stars Nyssa Nevers and Veronica Bound. Apparently Nyssa's nanny skills leave something to be desired and Veronica decides that nanny discipline is the way to correct her laziness. After a discussion with this beautiful Asian, Veronica pulls her over her lap. The white dress goes up, the pantyhose and panties go down, and the bare bottom spanking with a leather hand paddle begins. Nyssa is shocked that Veronica would be so bold. Nyssa wriggles and writhes and each whack leaves it mark on her tender bottom. What better way to teach discipline than to hand it out? Nyssa might not agree, but Veronica seems to see it that way. Whack after whack, Veronica lays it on. Half way through Nyssa's bottom is bright red and starting to bruise. But, does that stop Veronica from continuing on? Of course not. The punishment continues for several more minutes and not until tears are streaming down Nyssa's face does Veronica stop. Guess she shouldn't have worn mascara. With a very red and bruised bottom, Nyssa promises to do a better job as nanny.

Scene 5 is titled Telling Off the Boss, and well that is pretty self explanatory. It stars Lily Anna and Richard Windsor. Lily Anna has a new job and tells Richard off because he's been a lousy boss. Well, the new job falls through and she must ask for her old one back. Richard agrees, but only after he gives her a sound spanking. Obviously she agrees otherwise this wouldn't be in a spanking video. The pair move over to a wooden chair where Richard sits and tells Lily Anna to lower her slacks. She laughs, but he warns she won't be laughing for long. Being a man of his word, Richard said the spanking would be on the bare, so he lowers Lily Anna's print panties right off the bat and starts his hand spanking. Lily Anna doesn't seem to appreciate this form of retribution and would prefer that he just call her a bunch of names. Hmmm. Call you names, spank your bare bottom. Kind of a no brainer there. Then she accuses him of looking down her shirt every day, which of course isn't exactly the smartest comment she could make. He takes offense and spanks harder. The spanking lasts a good amount of time, which leaves Lily Anna's bottom quite red. Like the other scenes, we are treated to a variety of camera angles including facial reaction shots. She is made to get off his lap and pull up her pants quickly and get back to her desk. Run Lily Anna, run.

The final scene is called Soccer Scam and features Annabella and David Pierson. Annabella has been trying to pull one over on David, dressing for soccer practice and then going out when she was supposed to be grounded. But, when Daddy Pierson finds out that the soccer season had already ended, it's a more harsh punishment for Annabella. Right to the spanking with no stopping at Go. Soccer shorts and panties are down and bare bottom spanking is underway when we zip right to the action. As David's iron arm lands punishing whack after whack, Annabella begins to realize that this little rouse was not worth the price. Machine Gun Arm Pierson lights up this young lady's ass like a fireworks display. It's not long before her bottom is red and starts to bruise. The ooohs and owws get louder as the error of her ways become clearer. Trying to fight off the hand only makes David slap her bottom even harder. By the time the onslaught is over, Annabella is left with a very red, very bruised, and very sore rear end. And the audience is left with a feeling that she won't be pulling a stunt like this again.

For 37 minutes, a lot of jam packed in. Six scenes with six different spanking models and a lot of spanking action. One thing you won't see is a lot of time being wasted with monotonous chatter. There is enough dialogue to lay down the ground work and then it's off to the races we go. The DVD quality is excellent with good video and sound. There are also numerous camera angles to make each scene a full experience. Another top notch production from Punished brats.

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