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Girl Trouble 9
Written and Directed by Eric Blair-Brown and Amber (Pixie) Wells
Nyssa Nevers
Tina Tink
Sarah Gregory
Beverly Bacci
Lilly Page
Veronica Bound
Charlie Skye
Rad Finch
David Pierson
Running Time: 43 Minutes
Review by John O'Connell (10/30/09)

# of Spanking Models: 6
# of Scenes: 6
Script: Good. Interesting dialogue, no useless babble
Spanking Severity: Moderate to Hard
Spanking Devices: 4 - Hand, Small Wooden Paddle, large wooden paddle, small strap
Category: Compilation, various themes

Scene 1: Computer Virus starring Nyssa Nevers and Beverly Bacci. The storyline consists of Nyssa being the cause of a computer virus being spread through the company and boss Beverly punishes her by spanking rather than suspension or docking of pay. Immediately, Nyssa is pulled over Beverly's knee and is give the strap over her dress. Despite protests, Beverly continues the strapping while scolding Nyssa for her poor judgment in opening every email and spending too much time goofing off on Facebook. Before long the dress goes up and the strapping continues over Nyssa's black panties. Nyssa screams out with every smack, letting all of her co-workers know she is paying for her stupidity. Since Beverly has nothing else to do with her computer being down, she continues to strap Nyssa over the panties until she decides a bare bottom punishment would be in order. As Nyssa's bottom turns various shades of red (and our ears begin to bleed from the screaming) Beverly wonders how much longer it will take before the IT people can fix the computers. And more importantly, can Nyssa's bottom withstand the alternative in the meantime. Mercifully, the punishment finally concludes. Beverly calls it an early day and adds insult to injury by informing Nyssa she must also buy a round of drinks at happy hour.

Scene 2: Five More Minutes starring Sarah Gregory and Susan. Here Sarah refuses to get out of bed despite repeated warnings, so she must pay the price for her unwillingness to start the day. Susan yanks down the covers and flips Sarah over onto her stomach like a hamburger patty on a grill. Immediately the pajama shorts are yanked down and she begins a bare bottom strapping. Susan informs her that this will be her alarm clock. Hmmm, and I thought I've Got You Babe from Groundhog Day was annoying. But, after a minute of strapping, Sarah is bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to go now. But, Susan says no way, she's going to get a full five minutes of this. And a full five minutes it is as Susan doesn't take a break. It's constant strapping while Sarah constantly protests. Personally, the whining would have just made me strap harder, but Susan seems to withstand the ear wrenching noise and doesn't miss a beat. When the punishment concludes, Sarah still lays in bed so that Susan has to yell from the other room. Finally, Sarah gets up from bed. Sheesh, get a move on already. Great strapping scene especially for all you Sarah Gregory fans.

Scene 3: Cheer Camp starring Bronte and Veronica. Bronte thinks she's be cute and skip practice at cheer camp to visit the boys. When Veronica catches her trying to sneak back in, there's hell to pay. Bronte is bent over with her hands on a small table. Her authentic cheerleader skirt is raised revealing her black panties. And then, the paddling with a wooden paddle begins. Smart comments are only met with harder swats, so one would think Bronte would keep her mouth shut. Of course not. It wouldn't be a Punished Brats vid if she did. She apparently thinks her little venture was worth the punishment. Well missy, Veronica has only just begun to paddle. And blaming her hormones really doesn't gain much sympathy either. When Bronte tells Veronica she "hits like a girl", that pushes her over the edge. Bronte's panties are yanked down and the swats become more intense as they strike her bare flesh. Excuses of hormones eventually give way to a plethora of I'm sorry and I won't do it again promises. Only after she has had her bottom sufficiently tanned does Veronica allow Bronte to return to practice.

Scene 4: Wrong Street starring Lilly Page and Rad. Lilly's careless mistakes at her uncle's company have causes him too many problems. It's time to take matters into his own hands. She doesn't seem to be interested in working, so it's time for some motivation. Rad takes Lilly over his keen and begins a hand spanking over her pants. Immediately the young blonde is offering promises of doing a better job and being more diligent. Sorry chickadee, too late for that. This man's hand is so large in comparison to Lilly's bottom, each smack sends shivers up her spine. And her pants haven't even come down yet. He is like a machine as he smacks each cheek while scolding her for taking poor phone messages that were very important. He orders her to stand and lower her pants. Revealing a lacy pair of white panties, Lilly is pulled back over his knee for another round. Lilly's rear is already a bright shade of red as he continues the salvos of hand smacks that would shake the teeth out of a moose. Somehow the poor girl holds on, but it's only going to get worse. Upset over the money she's cost him, the panties come down and she now had nothing shielding her delicate bottom from Rad's brutal hand. Lilly's backside has a glisten to it, almost as a sign of the intense heat she is feeling. The spanking continues without interruption for several more minutes before he finally decides to let her up and put her back to work. This is one hard spanking if I do say so myself.

Scene 5: Plea Bargain starring Charlie Skye and David Pierson. Silly Charlie has dismantled her house arrest anklet, but parole officer David Pierson is on to her shenanigans. It's a choice of going back to jail for 90 days or taking a spanking from David. After this is over, she might have thought jail was better. The iron hand of David shall bring justice to Charlie in a way that she never thought possible. She is brought over David's knee while he begins the spanking over her dress. It doesn't seem to offer much in way of protection as she is screaming almost right away. She is spanked over the dress for a short while before it is raised like a curtain revealing her red frilly panties. The cut to these offer no protection to her venerable target, which David immediately resumes spanking. David informs her that if she does this again, she'll have to report to the prison and receive the prison strap. I don't know, they way David spanks, I'm not sure there is much of a difference. This poor girl is already in the "won't sit for a week" category, yet the spanking isn't even half over. And then it is time for the panties to come down. Which of course leads to more screaming. Hold on, I'll have to stop the review, the glass on my fish tank just cracked. Ok, need to turn the volume down. Or maybe David needs to spank a little lighter. Nah, no chance of that. Several more minutes of constant spanking ensues which leaves Charlie with a very red bottom and David with a hearing disorder. Another great spanking scene, even if you do need to turn the volume down a little bit.

Scene 6: Teachable Moment starring Tina Tink and Veronica. For some strange reason, Tina thinks it would be a good idea to make an instructional video on cheating. Unfortunately, she gets caught while in the middle of making it and Veronica punishes her soundly for it. With the internet cam still rolling, Veronica pulls Tina over her knee, lifts up her skirt, and gives her a few whacks with the short wooden paddle. Those pink panties don't help her anyway, so might as well just take them down now. With all of the internet watching, Tina is given a bare bottom over the knee paddling. Why doesn't this ever happen when I'm surfing the net? Oh well, admitting that she wanted to be an internet star, Veronica believes that Tina will be quite famous now. The question being is will her video get as many hits as her bottom? That is for Veronica and all of us to ponder. With swat after swat of paddle action, Tina professes that she understands the message. But, Veronica doesn't think she is quite there, so she continues with her rapid fire swats. And trying to blame your friend will only get you harder swats. With a very red bottom, Tina promises to never cheat again. Eventually Veronica ceases the paddling and positions Tina on the chair so all the world can see her red bottom. Remember, winners never cheat and cheaters never win.

Another great production by Punished Brats. While the scenes either can be found in the members area of the site or will eventually be in there, something still can be said about the quality of a DVD. The video quality and sound quality is just simply unmatched. I enjoyed this production and think many of you would as well.

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