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Global Warming

47 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 2/5/10

A standard single-scene spanking session on one of CalStar's familiar sets. Noteworthy here is another appearance by Miss Chambers, as Miss Faye, consistently more penetrating, intimidating, and severe than most CalStar spankers. Two girls, music performers, have intentionally contracted themselves to two agencies, 'Global Records' and Miss Faye's company. The male representative of Global and Chambers discover this and decide they are going to "have a bit of fun" with the girls "before we do any more talking."

The Global Guy delights in telling the girls they are going to see how tough Miss Faye actually is. On behalf of Global, he authorizes corporal punishment to be used.

The first girl to be spanked is a thin blonde whose silky straight hair falls nearly to her waist. Miss Faye takes her OTK on a ship-sized sectional couch, pulls away her skimpy sundress, and begins the patented Chambers whaling handspanking on white panties. She stops to remove her rings--a good idea. The girl thrashes and wiggles, understandable. Faye holds her immobile with a handful of her abundant hair. Panties come down.

The buxom brunette will be next, and the Global Guy says he will "have a go." She stands for him, lifts her dress, bends over, and he handspanks her in this position. Faye takes her OTK, black panties down, for a real demonstration of handspanking. "Please, it hurts."

Faye has paddles, tawse, and cane at the ready. She carefully positions the blonde, bent over, elbows on the couch, legs straight, which puts the bottom high, front, and center. A very hard tawsing follows--the poor dear has great difficulty staying in position. She is made to stand spread-eagled in the frisk position against the brick interior wall so frequently used at CalStar. The Global Guy urges Faye on, "Do you think you can beat her a little harder?" Such a request produces a smirk from Faye/Chambers and results in yet more misery for the blonde. She is finished for the moment, but must strip off her clothes.

Now the brunette; the Global Guy tawses her on the couch, on her panties, then on the bare. She jumps around and makes a huge fuss, while the blonde sits and watches, stark naked, legs crossed, as if waiting for an unterview. Now it is the brunette's turn to strip--she is a big girl. She will be caned first-the blonde shrinks at the sight of the rattan. About 20 strokes.

The blonde somehow avoids the cane; Miss Faye instead uses a large crop, longer than the usual riding implement. 20 strokes, followed by 12 fast strokes, then a few more. Not fun for our young lady. The Global Guy takes over and lays on about 15 strokes of his own. Lots of frontal glimpses as she transitions from one posture to another.

The chastened girls are sent off to void their duplicate contracts. Can we fantasize that they will be spanked for that too?

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