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Starring: Jirí Zábor
Review by Popfan

Rigid East / Lupus have released these three shorts as a way, presumably, of getting their older content (usually one girl per film back then) out on DVD: they frequently have three or four girls in their current productions. Another such DVD rerelease comprises the first three Headmaster films, which promises to be a good buy. They've upped the production value further by providing selectable subtitles, which are small and clear enough to not get in the way. though I watched without; I only noticed the option afterwards!

The three shorts are accessed separately via a standard DVD point and click menu. The picture quality is excellent, with pausing and slowmo rock solid; almost certainly better quality than their original VHS releases. It made me wish that some of the older companies might take a leaf out of Rig East / Lupus' book and start to release their historic content in this way. Roué, Blushes and Janus must have extensive back catalogues. I'd love to take a look at some old favourites such as Blushes' Spanking Interviews, Roué's Room 2D and Janus' Spelling Lesson, all of which I remember as being excellent.

Rigid Father 1 & 2 are really the same film. They could even have been re-edited in continuity without any loss, though the DVD presents them in the original two film format. While there are no credits, Rigid Father 1 starts Jirí Zábor, from Detention House III. The uncredited brunette is the reason that I went for these films. She has a lovely face, hair and legs and a fuller rear end than most of Lupus' featured models. She also, by the look of it, has luscious full breasts, but unfortunately these never see the light of day; we just get a sense of them under her white vest.

She starts clothed in a long brown skirt and cardigan. Her screen dad leaves her standing with her back to us, staring at a wall for long enough to torture us as well as her. Plenty of time to study their heavy leather furniture. Then they talk. Though the editing is slow, we get some great facial close-ups, particularly of the girl as she lowers, then raises her eyes directly to the camera with a lovely puppy-dog look. Then Zábor invites her over his knee, where she has to raise her skirt revealing clean white panties. These stay on for quite a while as Zábor gradually increases the intensity of his spanking. There's a great shot of her face from the side, where you can see her jerked two inches forward with each heavy smack. This section lasts a good five minutes. Since most of the punishment is verbally silent, you really don't care about the language difference.

She stands, facing us with her back to him. Good lord, pubic hair! Neat, though. Jirí Zábor smacks her cheeks with an inward-curling motion, alternating his hands. As he's going pretty hard, this jerks her hips from left to right. The low-level stress and discomfort on her face looks very appealing. Then she has to strip down to white vest and panties and go back over his lap. After five smacks, the panties come back down, though her final spanking in this position is not as long its predecessor.

For the final act, she has to get his cane down from on top of a cupboard. By now, her cheeks are beautifully red. Because of the side-swiping, this comes quite far around her haunches. She kneels into one of the heavy leather chairs, which sadly lets her hair cover her face; then Zábor canes her. It's not nearly as hard (not starting from as far back) as later canings in Lupus' films; but it clearly causes discomfort to the girl. After ten to fifteen strokes, he comes in closer and delivers some short but strong taps to what looks like just one of her cheeks. This clearly hurts like hell, and again she's jerking forward. Just before her final strokes, her sister is called in to set up the next film. Then the lovely brunette gets a final five strokes, bringing the total to around thirty; and sadly, Zábor puts down his cane. I was actually saying, "No, more!"

Rigid Father II: Suzanna is the screen name of the next girl called in, a pretty pale-skinned redhead. The brunette is still standing with her knickers round her ankles, tenderly touching her smarting cheeks. The redhead's skirt is raised and black tights are lowered. More white panties. He goes hard from the outset; her close-up shows it. Her pants are pulled tighter, showing half of each cheek. She gives some great little whimpers and trembles through a nice long segment; it's just a shame her hair is covering her face.

She stands. Off come the tights, skirt and top (oh look, wee tits!) She appears to be cold, and folds her hands in around her shoulders. His slaps, as with the brunette, are quite hard here, jerking her somewhat. The difference is, this girl is nearly crying. She has to put her hands behind her head, then down come her pants. Shaved, great little figure. More spanking and whimpering, nice long section. When she finally covers her cheeks with her hands, he moves her around so we see his hard slaps landing (she's now over a partially extended knee, though Zábor is upright. He's holding her in her place by one arm.)

Then he picks up his cane. I guess part of her sobbing is that she's known there's more to come all along. She goes over one end of the sofa. Sadly Suzanna's face is now completely hidden (a problem throughout is that her curls have been almost always surrounding her face.) After five, she sinks to the floor; he then makes her kneel on the sofa. Then at twelve, she has to stand, leaning on her hands with her legs somewhat apart, till the strokes rack up to twenty or so; then Jirí Zábor leaves the room, the two girls exchange looks, and Suzanna, still whimpering, tries to attend to her reddened cheeks. But bless him, he does come back for a final eight!

Semi-Transparent Mirror: A man in his fiifties shows up at a chain-smoking, spirit-boozing woman's house. They love their heavy furniture over there. She takes a picture off a wall to reveal a two-way mirror into a bathroom. The man gives her money, then home comes a lanky girl with a large, unruly head of hair. He spies through the mirror as she takes a pee, strips and showers. Then the man buggers off and the girl goes to bed for some clitoral fiddling. Mum walks in and spanks her struggling six-foot daughter.

She then fetches a thin, doubled-up belt. In between the struggling, she manages to land some nasty lashes, which leave bright, thin marks, a few of them showing the curve where the belt doubles back. We get a close-up of the girl's face as she struggles, after which the daughter's cheeks are weltered with these nasty thin weals. She's sobbing as we fade.

Another shower, another day; the man asks what the weals on her backside are. He wants a go now: out comes his wallet. Then he goes off to cut some switches from a nearby tree, binding them together. Who knew you could do that? Presumably the rationale for more spanking to the daughter is that she struggled too much last time. They use a belt to bind her arms behind her back, then pull her over a low chair with the mother holding her down. Then the man beats her with the switch, on her legs as well as her already welted cheeks. He's counting in Czech; you could use this stuff to learn the language! She gets maybe twenty or so, not over-hard.

I thought that the DVD was great value for money, and I hope Lupus / Rig East continue to rerelease their earlier films like this. It was nice to watch some spanking for a change; there's the luxury of time in action which you don't get now it's exclusively caning. The girls, particularly in Rigid Father 1 & 2, are great to look at and seem to be feeling genuine discomfort, though not at anywhere near the extreme level of "Room No 34". These girls' apparent experience of mild shame is, to one such as me, quite delightful. Well worth a look.

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