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Goth Girl

Written and Directed by Cecil B. De Mented
Starring :Ashley and Cecil B. De Mented
Review by David Pierson

Ohh Tee Kay Studios is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about producers of spanking video erotica. Their productions always feature the highest of production values, entertaining and often very dirty little stories and the sexiest of models. 'Goth Girl' is another fantastasic effort from this little company from America's heartland. (if you consider Chicago part of America's heartland)

This is really the story of a brave man who thrusts aside all concerns for his personal safety for your erotic entertainment. As the video opens we see our "Goth Girl", Ashley, coming down a flight of stairs. I don't think that describing Ashley as Goth is accurate. I would say that she appears more leather-punk than Goth. She is a fearsome sight to behold. Her wild black mane, and black leather outfit made Ashley appear as a cast member from one of Mel Gibson's 'Road Warrior' films. ( Mad Maxine?)

When our refugee from the post- apocalyptic earth arrives at the bottom of the stairs she is confronted by her horrified guardian. Cecil B. exhibits true heroism when he confronts this dangerous looking lass. For not only is she dressed to kill (literally) our Mad Maxine stands a head taller than Cecil. I shut my eyes when he said, "Where are you going dressed like that?". Surprisingly, Ashley allowed Cecil to live. I thought that he was pushing his luck when he informed Ashley that was to receive a sound spanking. Again, to my astonishment, Ashley not only allowed Cecil to draw another breath, but she complied when commanded to come across his lap. Ashley then took a long, hard, over the knee spanking from the heroic Cecil. Her chastisement began over her leather clad bottom. After a time, the leather's were removed and Ashley was subjected to a bare bottom spanking. Before long, we learn the reason for Cecil's continued survival. It seems that spanking our "Mad Maxine's" naked bottom turned her on. One soon becomes aware that Ashley has begun to pleasure herself while her bare bottom was being spanked.

As soon as her punishment was over Ashley ran to her room and began to energetically masturbate. Lying naked in bed, thinking of her just past punishment, Ashley feverishly provided as much clitoral stimulation as is humanly possible with the human hand. Off course, Ashley's exercise in self gratification is soon disturbed when our man Cecil opens the door to check on his charge. He, once again, spanks the dangerous looking, but sexually perverse, young woman. Made to kneel on all fours, Ashley is completely exposed and vulnerable. Cecil proceeds to spank our young "Mad Maxine" with his hand, a leather strap and a cane. I have a feeling that Ashley enjoyed her chastisement at least as much as Cecil found pleasure in administering it. 'Goth Girl is another little gem from the studios of Ohh Tee Kay. Ohh Tee Kay has yet to leave me unimpressed with their work. There is always a perverse little surprise from your enjoyment. Ohh Tee Kay always gives you much diversity in your video perversity. (sorry)

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