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Directed and Produced: Connoisseur Videos
Written by John Allen
Directed by "Instinct"
Starring: Therese
year: 2003
time: 56 minutes

2nd Review by MARS posted 6/4/10

Two marvelously athletic schoolgirls, the actresses Emma Brown and Therese, get it in their heads to draw grafitti on the front glass of the school patio. They are caught and marched to the headmaster. "To expell you would be to admit defeat. You've been punished before...this time it will be far worse." The girls will be spanked together--a male staffer, the Deputy Head, joins the headmaster to assist. We don't imagine he was too hard to find to join the action.

The girls place two chairs and are taken OTK. Emma plays Smythe, a cute short-haired blonde, and Therese is Warrington, red-blond haired. The spankings will be concurrent, skirts up, panties bunched, then down. The girls rise, pull up their pants, and switch laps. The men pull their pants down again. Very domineering exploitative stuff--these girls are putty for the HM and Deputy Head.

The girls are cornered, skirts tucked up, panties down, hands-on-head, in the prototype position, but just briefly; they arrange chairs, kneel up, and are paddled with a floppy leather paddle/strap. Rather than move the girls, the men swtich bottoms. Such work, this is. Smythe has a tattoo on her left buttock which would seem to need some attention. Back to the corner.

Then each girl is called forward and palm-slapped with a tawse. It ssems to hurt more than the spankings. Various angles illustrate the fancy room acquired to do this video.

The headmaster shows the girls several tawses. "These implements haven't been used for five years." Smythe shrinks back at the sight of them, sits down on the desk to protect her bottom. "I wonder why!" she comments.

Both girls side-by-side over the desk, some handspanking, and then the tawses. To the Deputy Head: "Hand me the canes."

"Smythe, come here." She is a little amused, not having been quick enough to wipe off the smirk. Over the table, 6 cane strokes, shots from below, the assets of Ms. Emma Brown on full display. Warrington gets her six.

The girls go back and forth for sets of six, some over the desk, and some touching toes, which is a required position in any good schoolgirl CP film. The cheeky Smythe murmurs: "Oh, fuck," and earns extras. At the conclusion of the punishment, the bottoms are compared, and seem lightly marked for the 20 or 30 strokes shown for each girl.

In the concluding scene, we especially enjoyed, the girls are marched outside, bare bottom, to wash off the grafitti, skin in the breeze. There were no spectators but we can imagine.

First Review by Aldus W. Huckster

This is a CP video that I enjoyed immensely. It is well crafted, highly entertaining and an erotic treat for afficandos of spanking video erotica. There is plenty of good CP happening in this one, including OTK hand spanking, some lovely strapping, and very severe caning. The sets, attire, and language used in this superior production gives this featutre a feeling of authenticity.

This is the story of two wayward girls attending Peaches Finishing School for Young Ladies. They are caught one lazy afternoon using spray paint to write graffiti all over the glass doors that serve as the entrance to the school. Our two wayward girls, Smythe and Warrington, were no strangers when it comes to visting the Headmaster in his office and they are fully aware of the consquences that was about to befall them as the result of their artistic endevors . They were marched into The Head Masters office where they receive a strong dressing . Although the punishment could be expulsion, the "Head" decides that corporal punishment is more in order. While the Deputy head is telephoning their parents to obtain permission to extract corporal punishment on these two fine lasses for once again breaking the rules, the Headmaster continues his rebuke of the two girls. Of course the parents give their full approval. The punishment begins with each girl over the knee of one of the men to receive a very sound hand spanking. These spankings occurred simutareosly , which I found to be a very nice touch. Gradullay the spankings that had been applied to the bottoms of the naughty girls knickers proceede to a bare bottomed chatisement. The resultant bare bottom spankings are exquisite. Then the girls are made to switch positions and are each young lady is spanked by the other gentleman. Next is the appropriate corner time for the girls to ponder the consequeces of theit actions. They are then brought out of the corner and assume positions on reversed chairs in the kneeling position. Both the Deputy Head and the Headmaster resume the punishment using leather straps on the girls naked bottoms; and a lovely strapping it is. After applying a good dose harsh leather to the bottom of the naughty girl before them, the two men dancing patrners and continue on. By the end of the strapping both girls have very red and bruised bottoms. After the straping was compltted our " Grafitti Girls" were once again sent to the corner rubbing their sore bottoms as they went. This time when brought out of the corner the girls receive a severe strapping on their outstretched and upturned palms. Once their offending appendages weere approriately chastised the girls are turned over a desk to recive a hand spanking on the bare before receiving a very nice session with the tawse. In this scene we get to see all of their womanly virtues (if you know what I mean). Finally, these " Grafftti Artists" get the cane. ( Now it wouldn't be a proper British CP video without the cane now would it?) This is a very severe caning on bare bottom right from the start. After receiving their canings from each of the men in turn, they are sent out to clean up the damage that they had done.

This video is another "glowing" example of English Corporal Punishment videos, and the care and thought that goes into making them. The video quality and production values are very excellent. The camera angles, close-ups, and other views are terrific and the scenario, as I said before, is true to life. I felt as if I had a front row seat to watch the punishment of these " Grafitti Girls" and enjoyed that immensely.

I give this video a very hearty recommendation. On the Spank-O-Meter I give this video an 8.5 out of 10.

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