The Adventures of The Grand Guignol

Directed and Produced by: Steve Hill and Anthony Devon
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster
Starring: Sasha, Chantal, and Natalia

This is a very unusual video. It is done in the old style "dungeon" type video, but is brought up to date very nicely. This is the present day story of a very old French Society, The Théâtre du Grand Guignol which reigned supreme as a shameful and dirty secret hidden in plain site among the brothels and bars of Montmartre. It was for decades one of the greatest tourist attractions of all Paris. For more than sixty-five years The Grand Guignol both terrified and titillated audiences from all over France, and for that matter, all over Europe. Thieves and murderers shared the same arena as the Crown Heads of Europe in viewing the goings on at the Théâtre. The inspiration for the dramas was drawn from real life. In this up-to-date version we are presented with the story of three girls, college students, who have committed grave offenses to society. In the case all of them have been found guilty of stealing money, and dealing drugs. They have been tried by the tribunal and sent to the dungeon for punishment. They are all to be whipped in the hope that this severe punishment will change their nefarious ways. The use of three beautiful women, an apparently real dungeon, and all of the accoutrements that you would expect there, make this a very enjoyable video to watch. We are also treated to a scene in the beginning in which the three girls get very "familiar with each other. This happens after they have been convicted and sentenced, and are awaiting the Inquisitor while in a jail cell. It is a very erotic scene. Each of the girls is marched out of the jail cell, one by one, to their awaited whippings. They all receive many lashes with a long bullwhip, and all three of them are repentant before the punishment is over. As you might expect, one of the girls, the last one, takes a little more convincing than the others. There is even a real piercing scene in which one of the girls has her nipples pierced and metal locks attached. I heartily recommend this video to all lover's of spanking videos, and especially to those of us that enjoy watching whipping scenes. All three of the girls are extremely good looking and voluptuous, and we get to see them in all their naked glory. The rooms and props used are very real, and as I have said many times before, this enhances the viewing of a video for me. The editing, and production values are excellent.
Aldus' Rating: 8.5 (on a scale of 1-10)

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