M/F reviewed by the webmaster

This is the first of a 2 video set in which the Raven Hill crew sets out in an RV and tries to get women to submit to spankings, much like the Beach Girl Spanking series. The video opens with them showing you the RV, talking, driving, more talking, driving, then trying to get this waitress to submit to some spankings. I'd say it's a good 20 minutes or so before you get to see any action. They take her back to a hotel room, do some more talking, and finally she takes down her panties for an over the knee spanking. The girl is a brunette with glasses and is pretty decent looking. After the spanking she has to choose from a bunch of circles on a clear board (she can't see what the punishment instruments are). One of the choices lets the spankee off, but somehow noone ever pics that. She picked the circle with the cane on it. She takes 25 strokes and at one point starts to cry. Excellent action. After the caning she has to pick one more punishment instrument. This time it's the paddle. Again, very good action. After they finish her punishment session, they get back in the RV and it's another 15 minutes of driving, talking and sightseeing. They meet up with 2 girls in a car who agree to their offer. The first girl is a blonde and is not bad looking. She is only wearing jean shorts with no panties. She has a bunch of tattoos, which turned me off. I don't like tatoos, especially big ugly ones. The 2 girls alternate, so after the blonde gets a bare bottom spanking, it's the other girl's turn. The second girl has black hair, some facial jewlery and a dog colar on. Looks like she's a Marilyn Manson fan. She lowers her jeans and black thong panties and gets a bare bottom spanking. Back to the blonde, who like before has to choose from these circles, which will decide her next punishment. She pics the paddle. Once again, good action and she's paddled pretty good. Then back to the other girl who chooses the ruler. Then back to the blonde who now pics the strap. Then finally back to the other girl who gets the hair brush. That will do it for part 1. This is a very lengthy tape, almost 2 hours. There is alot of conversation, travel, and non-punishment stuff inbetween the sessions. The strong point is none of the girls are actresses, so it might be worth is for the amateur content alone.


M/F reviewed by the webmaster

The begining of part 2 starts off by giving a brief showing of what took place in part 1. Alot of driving and talking again, so it's about 15 minutes in is when the action starts. They meet a blonde at a campground and after some negotiation, get her to submit to the routine. This girl is pretty good looking and has a great ass. She is wearing jean shorts with no panties. She is spanked on the bare butt first, as all the others. As before, hard spanking action. She then has to leave for a few minutes and there is a 5 or so minute lag before she returns. When she does, she chooses the hair brush as her first intrument of punishment. Then for the last instument she chooses the cane. The strokes are hard and the reactions are genuine. They say good bye and it's on the road again. They meet this older woman in a laudromat who talks about her 18 year old daughter who's behavior has been dreadfull. After some yapping with the woman, she starts getting really pissed and takes the crew to her more. More dialog with this woman and her daughter and finally this blonde 18 year old with short hair is over Mom's knee. She is spanked on the jean shorts first, then on the bare butt. You guessed it, no panties under the shorts. Seems to happen alot out that way. Then she punished with a wooden spoon. The sessions are long and hard. Excellent action. Alot of scolding from Mom to her daughter. Then the blonde is made to go outside and get a switch off the tree. She is then switched over her jeans and then bare butt. The blonde is brought to tears with her punishment with promises of never to behave that way again. And then the tape is over. This tape is over an hour long. Like the first, the spankees are not actresses, which makes the tape interesting. I myself, could have done without the long periods of chatting, but I suppose it gives you the feel that this isn't a staged video.

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