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Hairbrush Spanking

Directed and Produced: G & D Productions
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

This video is divided into three separate spanking stories featuring the use of the hairbrush as an implement of punishment.

Story 1) Julie is confronted by her Father for stealing fifty dollars from her mother's purse. He berates her for doing such a dastardly deed, and decides she should be punished. He gives her a choice of being grounded for three weeks, or to accept a spanking as punishment for her misdeed. Julie can't make up her mind, so her daddy makes the decision for her - she is to get a hard hairbrush spanking. He orders her to take off her jeans and her panties. He has her lay over the bed and the hair brushing begins. Julie has a very spankable bottom, and it reddens up very quickly under the repeated smacks of the hairbrush. During the entire spanking Julie's father continues to scold her for her dishonest behavior. Julie takes a long and hard spanking with almost no protestation. She is made to count out the last ten, which are the hardest of all. In the end (pun intended) Julie's bottom is swollen and a purplish-red.

Story 2) Ginger has her pants taken down, and she is made to lie across the bed with two pillows tucked under her belly so that her bottom is thrust upward. Ginger has a cute bottom that is V shaped. Ginger receives a very hard hair brushing that leaves its marks almost immediately. Like Julie, Ginger takes her hair brushing with hardly a sound, until her tolerance and courage abandon her under the pain and humiliation of her punishment and she is left sobbing. At the conclusion of her punishment, Ginger's bare bottom is left red, swollen and welted.

Story 3) Mom receives a call from the school principal. She is informed that her daughter, Samantha, had been caught cheating at school. Samantha's mom promises the principle that she will take care of disciplining her dishonest daughter. Mother has a conversation with Samantha and explains to her that she is going to get a hard spanking. Samantha's humiliation and dread at this announcement is palpable. She sends Samantha off to her room to await her fate. After a little more scolding, Mom removes Samantha's pants and has her lay across the bed. She is made to count out 50 very hard swats that leave her bruised, and welted. Her behind is left a crimson red and swollen.

The hairbrush used in these three scenes is a rectangular, wide and flat hairbrush that does a lot of damage.

This production is notable for the attractiveness of the cast and for the three very erotic spanking scenarios presented.


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