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Half Term Punishments

Length: 50 minutes
release date: 70's
By: Collector

A story with a demonic premise--an austere country house full of pretty schoolgirls on mid-term break, and three or four middle-aged "uncles," who go room-to -room, giving the girls spankings, birching, and caning. This is like a men's hunting lodge, except it has unhappy girls waiting upstairs in their underwear or less, or who are summoned to the parlor, for the sport of punishment. The opening music is appropriately the "William Tell Overture," which evoked the Tally Ho image for me.

Very much of a Rigid East setting, except that the puinshments are mock and mostly silly; either the actresses in this era were not as agreeable to the severity we see later in the genre, or laws were different. The room-to-room settings are, at least sexy. We don't always need RE inquisitions. No need to detail the scenes but some highlights are fun.

The tape opens on a girl with pants down being mildly slippered over a stool and doing some of the most authentic wailing I've seen. Then we see the men noodling about who gets whose bottom next. A mop-haired blonde wearing only panties is waylaided passing through the parlor and goes otk for the amusement of the uncles; a small blonde is seized, made to grasp a fireplace mantel, has her pants pulled down, and an uncle whales on each buttock; we watch a goofy guy (frequent Blushes spanker) supervising the girls scurrying in the kitchen and nude in the shower; a girl is visited at her bed, stripped, and spanked; the mop-haired girl, at her bed, has her panties inched down erotically for a spanking and birching.

"Christine," one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen in spanking situations, is visited in her room. While uncle tells her what is in store for her ("Bottoms aren't just for sitting, you know.") she undoes her long red hair, uncle rips away her skimpy towel cover, and she is wrestled, nude, by the wrist OTK and spanked. Top-notch bottom shots. Next, she is caned--over the foot of the bed, on pillows on the bed, and kneeling on the bed. You can hear her whispering for leniency. ("Not too hard.") Great scenes of a fantastic body wiggling from one position to another, and the red hair, collar and cuffs. I'd like to search this actress' credits. Thoughout the video, I was reminded of the two disciplinarians slipping into the girls' rooms at the completion of the punishment in RE Reform School II.

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