Updated Review by John O'Connell 2/12/10

Hand Spanking has continued to update every week since my last review, which has built up quite a nice archive. Every week a new scene is added with photos and clips. Sometimes the scenes are split into two parts, but for the most part each week brings and entirely new scene. The clips are shot in Japan, so you are treated to authentic Japanese girls receiving spankings with many different authentic outfits such as Kimonos and school girl outfits. As the name implies, the scenes still feature hand spankings only and no implements. Clips are in WMV format with the clips from the last few years having a screen size of 640x480, a frame rate of 29.97 fps, and a data rate of 1000 Kbps. Clips also look good full screen on a 22 inch monitor. The cost of membership is $24.95 for 30 days with price breaks for 60 and 90 day memberships.

Original Review by John O'Connell 9/3/06

As the name might imply, this site is a strictly hand spanking only forum. There are no whips, paddles, canes, or the like to be found here. However, the models and disciplinarians are all Japanese which certainly peaked my interest. While a few Asian spanking sites have popped up over the last few years, there is still quite a bit of mystique when it comes to a pretty Asian girl being pulled across someone's knee.

The site itself is laid out in a simple pattern with the content immediately accessible to the member upon entering your codes. The member area is arranged with the latest update being on the top of the entrance page, with the previous updates following in reverse chronological order. I really like the layout of the info box for each scene. It tells you the name of the scene, the models that star in it, there is a description of the scene, two small preview photos, a link to that scene's photo gallery, and two links to the video clips for that scene. So, you can download the clips without having to go to another page. It also tells you how long each clip is, right there in the info box. I really do like this layout, it give you a ton of information, yet doesn't take up a huge amount of space. Plus, it gives you direct access to the clips and photo page without having to click through a bunch of other pages.

Each photo gallery contains a good number of photos. Generally there are between 40-60 images in each gallery. From within the image gallery, you have links to the clips associated with that scene, once again making it easy to access and not require you to back peddle to download the clips. Each thumbnail leads you to a beautiful high resolution photo, many of which are 800X600 or larger. The video clips are 450 kbs and are in Real Media format. While the screen size is not as large as some other sites I've seen, the picture quality is clear and the frame rate is smooth. At the time of this writing there are 34 scenes with updates taking place twice a week.

While the site has not been online all that long, the archive has already been built up to a decent size. I really enjoyed my visit to this site. The price is just under $20 a month, so if you are a fan of Japanese spanking or just good ol' fashion OTK spanking in general, this site is worth checking out.

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