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23 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 11/20/09

Role reversal we watched for the fun of it. Two familiar CalStar girls, historically on the receiving end, joke and smoke in their kitchen as a handyman struggles to complete some renovations. The girls like the cut of his jib and get a sheath of spanking implements from behind a chair.

The handyman makes a pass at one of the girls who has been taunting him, an Irish actress we have enjoyed many times, with one of the most spankable bottoms we have ever seen. She and her girlfriend are going to spank him.

He's easy because he wants to keep his job. Over the couch, a crop on his jeans, then jeans down. The girls cane on his shorts; the Irish lass sits on him, then pulls down his shorts, to much laughter. She uses a doubled belt, a martinet, and then a crop from this well-stocked household.

The girls are having fun, and the handyman does not seem all that disturbed. We are hoping for retaliation, but not today. They get him in various positions for assorted implements, having their afternoon's fun. Our Irish girl is much more severe and seems to be actually excited by it all. He gasps when he hears her say: "Twelve more with the belt."

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