Hard Caning

Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site does not appear to have been updated since April of 2009.

Review by John O'Connell 3/16/07

The people that brought you www.caned4cash.com have now opened their own membership site. The formula of no long and involved storylines and paying their models to just take a beating worked for them on DVD. So, they figured why not try the website market too. While there is a premise to each punishment in the members area, they didn't waste their time trying to have a model read a script. They paid them and set let's get down to business. And down to business they get. I don't know if the models anticipated the harsh canings when they signed up or not, but they certainly earned their money. There was no being gentile or holding back, they let that cane fly.

At the time of this writing, there are 13 scenes on the site. Keep in mind that the site has only been live for roughly a month, so the archive is not going to be very large. The navigation is pretty simple. When you log in, everything is right there in neat little packages. Each scene has a number of small preview images, a brief description, and the links to each type of clip. I say each type because the site gives you the option of downloading the clip in RM, MP, or WMV format. When you click on any of the small preview images, you are brought to an image gallery for that particular scene. Each image is thumbnailed for quick and easy browsing. Each image is roughly 640X480, give or take. So, not small, but not really high resolution either. There are a nice amount of photos in each gallery, usually totalling over 60. For WMV, the screen size is 720 x 576 with a bit rate of 796 kbs. Playback is also very good at full screen on a 19 inch monitor. Each clip averages around 9 minutes and has a file size of 50 MB.

While there isn't a ton of content, I think the quality of what is online currently is exceptional. The videos are clear and crisp with a large screen play back. The punishments can be downright brutal, so if you are looking for playful spanking, this probably won't be your thing. The site owners will not be rotating clips, so as time goes on the archive will continue to grow. Updates are once a week and include one complete scene. The clips do not start off as parts, they are all full file to being with. The member area also has a coming soon area, so you can preview what additions will be forthcoming. They even give you the date of when the clip will be loaded. The site has a decent free area, so you can get a nice idea of what to expect before you jump in.

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