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Hard Cracks of the Cane

year: 2008
51 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/10/10

The credits show 2009 for this production, but it seems earlier. Blond actress Dublin O'Brien plays a statuesque and provocative teacher who catches two students outside stealing vegetables from local gardens. Ms. O"Brien, who has played both top and bottom parts in her career, we know is a redoubtable disciplinarian, so we settle in for a good time.

Baxter and Prentice are marched inside, to the paneled narrow space CalStar has often used for a school office. Ms. O'Brien is going to spank both girls, no excuses, no hesitation. Baxter, a short-haired blonde, is taken OTK and warmed up first, her pants pulled down quickly. Prentice, a light-skinned black girl with glamorous braided hair finds herself attended to next. She must stand. "Pull your panties down and back over my knee."

The girls are alternated in standard CalStar punishment sequences. Baxter goes back over--O'Brien pulls her pants down and likes doing it. Prentice over the desk for the soft oval paddle--excellent full-screen views. The shape of this room allows a view from her face as we see the paddle strike. Baxter over the desk for the paddle--she has a gap between her thighs. O'Brien paddles hard, leaning into the effort.

O'Brien uses one of those palmprint riding crops on bare skin, the girl over the desk. Since Baxter has been spanked three times this week, O'Brien orders her to strip. "Take it all off, I want you to be embarrassed." Baxter actually retains her bra and panties. After more paddling, Baxter is sent to fetch O'Brien's canes. "Oh no, please Miss."

Prentice will be caned first. "I want complete silence." 10 cane strokes on bare skin; she stands for a rub, then the double cane. "Please, not that one." 10 strokes, and her choked reaction is quite different from that caused by the single rattan. O'Brien canes hard, with short, sharp snappy strokes. She knows what hurts, having been there. Erotic scenes and a nasty implement, a sort of three-foot rattan version of a tawse with its double bite.

The girls are permitted to dress, which they do with some discomfort. They return to class. O"Brien ranks with Miss Brown and Miss Chambers in this performance.

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