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Hard Labor and Whipping

18 minutes
Guest Review by COLLECTOR posted 12/26/08

A very recent production for us; we have tended toward vintage stuff, where there is an attempt at plot and the actresses don't look as if they have a portfolio of performances. But Nu West breaks every prototype and is always inventive. A slightly chunky brunette, dressed in a clean pressed blouse, skirt, and heels, struggles at manual labor in the wind and bright sun on the outdoor Table Mountain set, doing classic hard labor, shoveling dirt into a wheelbarrow and moving it pointlessly to another spot. Ed Lee appears with his whip cracking, dressed in a comical sheriff's outfit--hat, badge, boots. But he's got the whip, and this lady is in no position to bargain, much less laugh.

The brunette complains: "Give me some real do you expect me to work..six months of this?" Lee is displeased and nips her skirted bottom with the whip, those precise spot-on little zingers only he can do. The brunette wants her lawyer; she wants to make her one phone call.

That's enough for the sheriff: he drives her inside a building with the whip. "Strip those clothes off." The girl: "Excuse me?...." But a few cracks of the whip on the concrete floor melts her and she begins undressing. Lee stops her when she is down to bra and pantyhose and fastens her wrists on the whipping frame we've seen. He cuts off her bra with his pocket knife, a little exercise which pleasures him.

The first stroke of the whip lands almost halfway through the film. The girl screams nicely through the whipping that follows. Good camera on her back and pantyhosed bottom. Marks appear through the pantyhose, and the fabirc begins to tear and split. At the conclusion--for good measure, and we guess because the sheriff owns this town--he lays a few strokes on her breasts. Screams. Standard Nu West fare, which is a pretty darned good standard. A preview of the next in the series, a cute blonde doing hard labor and attached to the frame--enticing.

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