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Hard Lines

time: 34 Mins
year: 1998
Guest Review by Mars 11/20/09

A thin, sexy, and very beautiful Miss Brown on the prowl again in a school setting. Redhead Chanel and tomboy brunette Sarah have been caught "misbehaving with each other" in the changing room. They are going to get the full Miss Brown package, subject to the time available here.

Both girls are bent over their desks, skirts tossed up. Miss Brown starts spanking Chanel on her thighs--hard. We've seen girls jump when thighs are slapped--it stings in a different way on the softest flesh. Brown teases her white pants down with thumbs and forefingers, an elegant tea party grip. The girls are sniffling, as Miss Brown speaks to them in low menacing tones we can't hear. With both pairs of pants down, the girls must count each other's handspanks as Brown moves from bottom to bottom.

Skirts off, back over desks. This is meant to be exquisitie torture. Both girls gasp when they see Miss Brown holds a big leather paddle. Sarah is paddled first, loud and hard; Chanel next. Sarah is going to get more. "No, Miss, please." Some of these paddlings are filmed from below, so that we can look up in the dark mysteries of Miss Brown's skirt.

Redhead Chanel has a melt-down. "I don't like this school....I hate this school." We must make some space for the cane and the backswing. Sarah is directed to move desks around.

Chanel will be first for the cane and goes over her desk again. Cute Sarah is sent off; we hope she will be returning. Chanel has hiked her pants up, but Brown is having none of that and drags them down again. Sarah is called back in to observe, and Brown rips off 13 rousing strokes. Chanel stomps and cries, barely able to stay in place. Sarah can't bring herself to watch.

Now it is Sarah's turn. She is slow, reluctant, and resistent to bend over into position. Brown teases her panties down ever so sweetly. Sarah takes 12 scorchers. Her pale bottom marks beautifully.

A very satisfied Miss Br0wn lines up the two bottoms for our comparison, closeups, panning in and out. What the heck, she lays on a few more strokes. Who is going to complain? The girls hurriedly dress and run off. Brown gives one of her delicious cheshire cat smiles.

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