Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is still active and updating twice per week. I'm not really into F/M, so I'm not going to take out a membership for an updated review. Cost of membership is $24.99 USD for 30 days.

Review by John O'Connell 7/20/04

Fan's of Lina's House of Discipline will no doubt see the similarities between this site and hers. That's because they are both run by Stone Castle Publications. Although the site bears a resemblance and even features scenarios with Lina in them, the site offers a whole new variety of scenes. So, those that are concerned with this site having the same content as the others run by Stone Castle should fear not. Like the other 2 sites, this is completely F/M. So those looking for females on the receiving end should not look here. However, those looking for a hot woman (or two) beating the daylights out of a naughty man have come to the right place. The site offers the same quality of material that is present in Lina's site and that of Vixen Ladies. A what's new page is available to give the consumer an up to date listing of what material has been added over the course of time. I myself find this type of page extremely helpful, especially if you only check on a site at certain times of convenience. The only thing that would have made this section a tad better would have been the ability to click on a link and be brought to that particular section or the update itself. But, I can live with having to back track to that area myself, especially when the update is going to be in either the photo or clip area. A coming soon area gives the members a peek at what new material will be coming their way in the future. I've always though this is a nice idea, so members know in advance what kind of scenarios to expect in the coming weeks. Twenty Four galleries are currently available in their photo section, with tons of thumb nailed images in each scenario. All of the full photos are crisp and in high resolution. The layout is also easy to follow and navigate. Fifty video clips in three different scenarios are currently offered which each clip being of the Windows Media type. Clips are of good quality and are roughly 5 megs a piece and an average running time of one minute. There is also a models wanted section. So gentlemen, if you are in the mood for a good whipping by a pretty woman, look not further. There is contact information in this area for you as well as dominant women that would like to participate in a shoot for the site. Lastly there is a links section with a nice variety of links to look through. At $19.99 per month, the site offers a nice selection of F/M material for any fan of that genre. If this interests you, take a look at their free preview area that includes photos and a sample clip.

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