The Headmaster Blake Stingings

50 minutes
Guest Review by Collector posted 12/21/07

Good old Wentworth Academy, that vale of tears. Stephanie, a pretty blonde prefect at the school, is skylarking on the phone in Headmaster Blake's office--she has privileges. When Blake comes in, she feigns a toothache to skip class and sneaks off to the mall; she's caught shoplifting there and the event is witnessed by two other students; back at school, Stephanie accuses these two students of cheating to blackmail them into slience.

Here at Wentworth there is a punishment for cheating---it can't be left unresolved---of course, it's spanking. Blake confronts the girls and positions the chair. The first to go OTK is the brunette; her pants come down right away; there follow eight minutes of silly, mild handspanking, but she has a very nice bottom, and the process seems to build on her--to some sexy wiggling and twitching. The second girl, a blonde, is watching and waiting uneasily. Pretty Stephanie is also watching, but with amusement--closeups of her lovely face; we've learned that we can expect things will turn around on her and that we'll see more of her. The blonde goes OTK, pants down, for a shorter spanking, all the while protesting her innocence. But, "rules are rules" and the palm of the hand falls.

Next, the two girls must bend over the desk. Stephanie herself takes up a red leather ping-pong sized paddle with some delight and does some ineffectual paddling on the two bottoms. Raven Hill for us is a notch or two below a convincing level of intensity, so that giggling is often evident; we would say we've detected no giggling on their "Resolved By Corporal Punishment" series that we've seen to date.

In the following scene, Stephanie is back at the headmaster's desk, again on the phone, this time recounting her paddling adventure with a friend. Outside, the headmaster, who has discovered the cheating fraud, is apologizing to his two victims. (You wonder how much he cares. He did get to nail two more bottoms.) The three of them confront Stephanie in the study hall, where she quickly confesses. She is to receive the "same full measure" plus an additiional dose. What could that be?

Desks are rearranged--poor Stephanie is not going to have a even a moment to compose herself. The headmaster takes her OTK and immediately rolls her pants down to her thighs. His facility with panties is impressive. It has been worth the wait to see Miss Stephanie. There follows the same 9 minute mild handspanking. But here the lighting is better--Stephanie's A+ equipment must have encouraged more creative camera work. Mild splotching and bruising develop. The two girls cheer on the spanker: "Harder, Mr. Blake, harder." Stephanie kicks and jiggles. One of the girls is sent to get the paddle. "Oh, I'd love to get the paddle."

Stephanie bends over the desk and presents the perfect picture we seek. The paddling is the same lengthy silly tap-tapping we've seen from Raven Hill. But Mr. Blake now gets his extra measure: "Stay in position for 20 strokes of the rod." She counts out 20 reasonably firm and hard strokes; at the end, midst silly bawling, she winks at us as if to say (as if we didn't know): "Wasn't so bad."

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