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The Headmaster's New Mercedes

Directed and written: by Christina
Starring: Christina as the Deputy Headmaster
Dawn Deacon as Miss Watson
The Headmaster
Review by: Aldus W. Huckster/center>

This is an excellent example of what I refer to as "Classic British Corporal Punishment Erotica". In this story two women are punished severely in the traditional British manner. One of the most fascinating things for me is that this is the lovely Christina's first appearance on screen, and she does a magnificent job. (Christina is the owner and creative force behind SIT video.) This video is very well made, extremely entertaining and highly erotic. As the production opens, Miss Watson is called into the Headmaster's Office and is accused of damaging his brand new Mercedes. She denies it vehemently, but the Headmaster tells her that he has witnesses to the event. She tells him that it could not be her because her automobile has not been running, and in fact has been in her garage for some time because she does not have the funds to pay for the necessary repairs. To add to the problem, Miss Watson tells him that she is so poor that she has not been able to maintain her automobile insurance payments. Now he is beside himself. He tells her that since she can't pay for the damages, and does not have insurance either that she will receive corporal punishment to repay him for her transgression. He calls in the Deputy Head to help him administer the punishment to Miss Watson, and she readily agrees to help in any way she can. So begins her punishment. Some very hard hand spanking over the knee of The Headmaster, as well as hard whacks of a leather paddle and a severe caning. All of these punishments are applied to her bare bottom, with the Deputy Head holding her arms when she is positioned over a desk. After the Head is finished, he sends both girls out, but not before issuing a stern warning to Miss Watson to never let this kind of thing happen again. Soon after the conclusion of Miss Watson's chastisement, having not even settled fully into his chair into his chair, the Headmaster's phone rings. It is one of his friends advising him to the fact that he witnessed the accident. Guess what? It was actually the Deputy Head who plowed into his new Mercedes. He is furious and calls both of the women back into his office. He decides since the Deputy head has lied and caused Miss Watson to be severely punished, it should be Miss Watson who administers her comeuppance. Miss Watson is delighted to oblige. She takes the Deputy Head over her knee and pounds her lovely derriere with her hand for starters. Then she has her bend over the desk for an extremely hard dose of the punishment paddle, and finally pays her back with a tremendous caning. When it's all over, the Deputy Head is apologizing profusely, and promising to never lie again.

This is an excellent video with excellent sound, picture quality, and very good camera angles and close-ups. I must admit that this production was made all the more special by the presence of the lovely Christina on the screen. Let us hope that there will be many more SIT productions featuring Christine. I believe that the public will demand it. On the Spank-O-Meter this is a 9.0 out of 10


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