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Headmaster's Study #1

Length:27 min

Mrs. Brody, a stern-looking headmistress type--we're happy to say she looks like she means business--received 2 schoolgirls in her office, charged with some offense. Brody checks her umbrella stand, full of canes, in preparation.

The two brunette girls, Miller and Jenkins, are in leotards and quick to blame each other, knowing what is likely to happen to them. Jenkins, short and on the chubby side, is the first to be spanked--bent over Brody's propped knee. Jenkins is tawsed lightly over a desk. On a blackborad on the set is lettered the logo "SfP," for those of us who remember. Outside Brody's office, we see Mrs. Mars showing intense interest, listening to the spankings in progress.

Miller, tall and in pigtails, with a figure leading us to hope CalStar works to its usual climax of getting her unwrapped, gets her mild tawsing. Brody: "This is only the beginning." Miller is directed to strip off her leotard. "Oh no, please." Miller is lovely, nude and embarrassed. After another long handspanking over the bended knee, Brody calls in Mrs. Mars, who she knows has been listening in excitement, to help hold Miller still.

Jenkins is brought back for more handspanking, and she too must take off her leotard. "Ready for a good caning?" Of course we are. But first Mars is allowed to get at Jenkins' bottom. More spanking of Miller by Brody, with perfect close camera work.At last Mars gets her shot at Miller.

Jenkins is first for the cane, over ther desk, maybe 15 light and ineffectual strokes, but Mrs. Mars is permitted 6 good solid zingers to conclude. Finally, Miller is caned by Brody, harder, about 20. The two lesbian oriented schoolmarms leave the two girls to stand naked for an hour of repentance.

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