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Headmaster's Study #2

length:27 minutes

2 schoolgirls gambol on a bed pillowfighting; we see the headmaster at his desk---yesss! this is my favorite British caner (in his ponytail phase)--he always delivers, fur will fly, as it were! Turns out the girls have gotten into his school living quarters. They are brought to him. He sits surrounded by paintings of the Victorian founders of the school, the Bainbridges. These Misses are not first offenders. "I intend to use my cane this time."

The girls, two very small and well-packed brunettes, are wearing high cut leotards. Now I know this Head always maneuvers to achieve nude punishment. How will he do it here? Brunette #1 is first and goes OTK; the Head bunches up her leotard to expose even more buttock for a vigorous and productive handspanking and then a slippering with one of her own shoes. #2, equally nubile, gets the same.

From an antique Queen Ann desk he retrieves a riding crop."Mrs. Bainbridge used to use this." #1 bends over and takes about 50 cracks from the leather tip. Delicious loud and almost liquid sound of leather on bare skin. Missy jumps, but she's none the worse for it. The Head knows (we rely on him) that more is needed. Schoolgirl #2 takes fewer but does mark up some. Back to the desk--out comes the cane. "Mr. Bainbridge." The girls shrink back. Girl #2 stays in position and is to go first; the Head matter-of-factly strips her of her leotard. "Bainbridge used to always do this to girls before caning." A nifty body. She gets about 12 of his patented, snappy, spaced, rhythmic strokes, hard and painful. We get closeups of her bottom developing its "decorations" as well as her breasts dangling in this most sexy assume-the-position pose. Stroke #12 is memorable. Naked, she gives as a partial turn to the front. I like the word "luxuriant."

Girl #1 is similarly stripped and doesn't disappoint. She takes a hard 16; we get a good shot of a fearful, apprehensive face watching the cane's progress; she gasps throughout, and her cute bottom twitches to a few feints from the Head. I like this man's oeuvre.

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