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M/F F/F reviewed by the webmaster

This video stars a pretty medium build blonde, who is a Nu-West model. The gist behind this is she gets in trouble for various infractions for being late to at shoot, to missing a video shoot entirely. Both Ed Lee and Vanna administer the punishments throughout this video. The first scene has Heather show up to the Nu-West offices and she is going to receive a hand spanking. She is wearing a long ankle length dress and is spanked over the knee by both Ed and Vanna. A pretty decent spanking, but a short scene. The next infraction, shows Heather showing up for another talking to. This time, she is punished with a thick wooden paddle. She is now wearing a red tank top and black stretch pants. She is again punished by both Ed and Vanna. First she received some hard stroked over the pants. She is then made to pull her pants and underwear down to her ankles and the rest of the paddling is done on the bare. Both Vanna and Ed deliver a solid paddling, with Heather appologizing and hugging everyone at the end. Apparantly this wasn't enough of a lesson for Heather, as she misses and entire shoot. She reports to the Nu-West office for the 3rd time and is told she will be severly punished. She is made to put on a school girl outfit (white blouse, red plaid skirt, and white panties). She is bent over a desk where she receives a pretty long caning. First over the skirt, then over the panties, and then finally on the bare. Alot of strokes are given and her bottom is pretty well marked by the time this is over. The last scene is replayed a few times from various camera angles. The video is and hour long.

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