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The Heiresses

Nu West 160
Length:40 minutes

30 minutes of whipping, 10 minutes of talk; three of the neatest bottoms you'll see; one of Ed Lee's typical plots--a wealthy playboy has died, and his housekeeper Miss Murphy seeks Lee's help to sort out three "gold-digger" nubile heiresses uncooperative in probate, and what better way to exact their compliance than with a painful whipping. Lee's shop is always open--he recommends, for a fee, 50 strokes of the martinet on the bare bottom, not cruel, but painful, and administered clinically by a female. The girls must appear, well-dressed, in skirt and blouse, no pants or one-piece outfits. The, uh, tension builds as Lee outlines the plan to the faceless but curvy executrix. "Will you watch, Mr. Lee?" "I might."

Diane, dark hair in a bun, is walked center-stage by a familiar female NW dominatrix. The Whipper wears deadly jodpurs and knee boots. Diane appears a sophisticated cosmopolite and not a likely candidate for a spanking, wears a spiffy blouse, skirt, and red high heels. With no fanfare, wrist cuffs are put on, and she is strung up to the ceiling, firmly, not too stretched, but it is a very sexy maneuver. Then the Whipper tucks up her skirt and brusquely half-masts her pantyhose and panties. Unveiled is perhaps the best bottom I have seen in the spanking genre--high, hard cheeks. Then come 50 audibly counted, slow strokes with the martinet, not vicious, but diligently and accurately cracked in by an experienced hand, with the final 10 accelerated. Some reddening and some thigh hits, and Diane does some elegant twisting and moaning, especially during the climax. Do we hear sniffling?

Tiffany, a blonde pony-tail, is similarly treated. This naughty lass is wearing cowboy boots. She has firm beautiful nates and hard thighs. When she whimpers, "How many more?" our Whipper, dentist-style, answers ambiguously, "We're part way there." When Tiffany is finished and marched off, the Whipper spins her purposively and freezes her to ensure a good frontal look.

And Sally, another blonde, in a youthful plaid skirt; her arms are hoisted an inch or two high and tighter--a nice effect. Great skimpy panties under the pantyhose. And another spectacular tush. She seems amused by the whole thing, that is, until the martinet starts and the tears come. Great low volume NW banter: "Am I bleeding?" and "I hope you are enjoying this" . We see a nearly clean shave in the walk-off.

This was a good show; not severe, very ceremonial, one or two cameras circulating, some unhappy faces, and the finest of targets, and surprising high quality taping.

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