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Military Discipline 2004 - Hell Camp

Starring: Niki Montford as Cadet Walker
Caroline Davis as Cadet Milton
Jacqueline Neale as Cadet Barnett
Emma Richards as Lt. Spence
Running Time: Approximately 35 minutes
Review by Katrina

This film is not about military life, glory, pride, nor courage. It is about discipline, plainly administered with the hand, paddle, strap and cane upon three ladies naked bottoms. The film opens with the three cadets being called on the carpet by their training officer, Lt Spence. The three ladies had been drinking. They explained that they needed some time off. When Cadet Milton, played by Caroline Davis, asks their officer "so, what are you going to do about it?" as if this was a joke, the office has a definite plan. Her response is an OTK hand spanking.

Lt. Spence, played by Emma Richards, is a very hard spanker. She does not fool around starting with light pats and progressing to harder ones. From the start they are firm, hard, fast, and quite painful. At the opportune time, she lifts her skirt and starts to slap her panty covered bottom. Milton's response is a shriek of pain as the first hand meets the bare flesh extended from beneath her white high-cut panties. As the camera pans around to her face, you can definitely tell that it is one of a lady in pain. This is beginning to make a serve impression on her face, if not her bottom. If that is not enough, shortly it is time to peel down the panties and progress to the bare facts. Slap after slap rains down upon her now naked bouncing bottom. Milton still remains her cheeky self. Sometime during the spanking she asks "Are you quite finished?", only to be answered with "Nope" and additional swats.

The other two cadets, Barnett, played by Jacqueline Neale, and Walker, played by Niki Montford, could hardly believe their eyes what is happening as they look at Milton's bottom, now a rather deep shade of red. They know that they are next; yet, they are hoping that this was all the start of some bad dream.

Barnett is next. She protests that she is not a baby, but that does not save her a trip over the knee. Her reaction is totally different from Milton's. At the first slap, she issues a rather loud scream of pain and her hand goes back to cover her bottom. We haven't even progressed to the panties stage and she is starting to complain. This is going to be good. Still, Emma does not let up on this girl. She gets the same machine-gun style spanking that Milton received over her skirt. The only difference is that she is having a much harder time with the spanking. By the time that her panties are down to her knees a couple of things are different. Her bottom is not as red as Milton's and she is now in tears.

Lastly, we have the cheeky Walker. Sometime during her spanking, she asks "Oh, come on...Is that really the best that you can do?" Eventually, we are treated to all three ladies, panties at their knees, skits up, and hands in front, standing side by side against the wall. All are demonstrating their red bottoms.

The hand spanking is apparently not enough. Their undisciplined offense warrants additional punishment. For that, Lt. Spence has the perfect implement, a leather paddle, designed to make the maximum impact upon a lady's bottom. Like before, Milton starts, bent over the desk, with her elbows on the desk and her naked bottom jutting out. Emma applies a little wrist action as the paddle slaps against her cheeks. With each stoke, Milton rises up on her toes as her bottom deforms to the wide paddle. Obviously, the paddle is hurting more than the hand spanking that she received earlier because this time, she is saying only "Ow" for each swat. Walker's turn is quiet; but never the less her body reveals that it is still painful. She reacts with a head jerk to each slap, reddening her cream cheeks.

Last is Barnett. The paddling response is just like the hand spanking. It is one of tears, almost immediately. After a few blows, she is released back to her place against the wall. By now, the bottom hues resemble a rainbow showing a nice gradation in color ranging from the light red of Barnett to the deep, full bodied color of Walker's.

The cadets decided that they have had enough of Lt. Spence's justice. They decide to go over Lt. Spence's head and report the issue of corporal punishment on their bare bottoms to her superior. Sometimes, things just don't go the way that you expect. It seems that they are due some form of punishment. They are given a choice of a court marshal or more corporal punishment - at the hands of the same Lt. Spence. This time, she plans to use the strap and the cane.

With little complaint, Milton bends over the desk and Lt. Spence bares Milton's bottom for the tawse. She raises the thick, heavy tawse over her shoulder and swings it down, with full force, across Milton's cheeks. Milton jumps with each loud crack as the leather repeatedly meets her flesh. The effect is now a glowing red strip directly across her nates. Milton can't help herself. She reaches back every so often and rubs the stinging areas of her skin.

Walker is next. With each count, her voice starts to rise in pitch indicating that the tawse is starting to make an impression on her bottom. But still, the smirk fails to leave her face. This is one very tough lady.

Lastly, Barnett presents her bare bottom for the strap. This lady has a sensitive bottom. After the first strike, she begins to squirm, wriggle, and complain. By the second, she is visibly in distress. By the fourth, she is in tears. Still she survives. Still she manages to hold her own until the end of the punishment.

The last punishment is the dreaded cane. They are all to receive eighteen of the cane. Milton is first, again. The caning sequence is good. It is accurate. It is painful. It is not overly harsh. Yet, it is not a tap-tap on the bottom. It is a full stroke. It raises welts on the ladies' bottoms. Their facial expressions show a flinched face in response to the strikes. Walker and Barnett follow Milton, each receiving the ordained eighteen.

Just prior to the fade-out of the film, we are presented with the proposed start of the sequel. It starts with the punishment of Lt. Spence over the same desk. In the faded dark, there is a swish of the cane and a scream of pain.

This film includes a blooper reel. It definitely explains the strange diagonal cane mark on Caroline Davis' bottom that cuts from her middle left cheek to her upper right leg. It seems that Emma Richards missed her target. Caroline's reaction was extreme. She offered a few choice words as she hobbled away, clenching her bottom. What followed was a bit of on-screen tutorial on the proper place to hit her bottom.

This film is basically a spanking video. It is little other than a dozen spankings. All are staged well. All are real and not faked in any manner. Each person receiving the punishment expresses their own feelings. Each is good to the level of their ability to handle the pain.

Who is my favorite? Well, if I had to choose, I would say Jacqueline. She seems to have the softest bottom, the most sensitive, and as a result the most responsive reactions. She seems to have the hardest time of the three. Of course, the blooper of Caroline was a real gem in the rough.

Caroline is an actress that I enjoyed in several others of her films. She was in the earlier Military Discipline 2002 film, as well as some films for other British companies such as Bottom Line and Paradox.

Niki Montford has a pain tolerance that is almost unbelievable. The lady can take a licking and keep on ticking. Yet, she does feel the punishment. She does show reactions to the receipt.

Of the 35 minutes that this film runs, about 30 minutes involve someone getting their bottom slapped, paddled, strapped, or caned. I suppose that you can consider this good value. The Ratio of spankings to film is about 85 percent, and this means that only about 15 percent is "wasted" on such un-essentials as talking, walking, and standing

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