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Helping Hand

Starring: Artemis Anton
Chase Brocco
Reviewed by: The Webmaster

The video opens with a husband coming home after a week at a construction job. He is calling out looking for her, and finally she appears. He wants to know what she's been doing, and in a bit of a sarcastic tone, she replies that she's been cleaning and taking care of the house. Well, Robert isn't impressed and doesn't feel that by the looks of things, she's been doing much of anything. He grabs his lovely wife, arches his knee, and puts her over it while still standing. He gives Sharon a few hard whacks over the black stretch pants before pulling them down to reveal her white panties. This hand spanking over the panties continues for a while, and although he is striking her pretty hard, she doesn't seem to be learning her lesson. She continually tries to block the slaps with her hand, and Robert finally gets annoyed with this. He stands her up, removes his belt and has her hold out her hands. He proceeds to giver her a few whacks over the hands with the belt, then orders her to lower her panties. Standing there with her panties at her knees, he continues striking her hands with the belt, until he is satisfied that she will not try and block the punishment any longer. Robert than has a seat on the arm of the couch, and takes lovely Sharon over his knee and spanks her on the bare bottom with this hand. This continues for some time and he turns her bottom a nice shade of red.

Part 2 opens with Sharon straightening up the bedroom wearing just the shirt and panties from scene 1. Robert comes into the room and announces he has bought his wife a present. She opens up the box to reveal a pink baby doll type outfit. Sharon is excited about this and can't wait to put it on. She leaves the room and changes into the outfit off screen. When she returns, she hugs and kisses her husband and they start to get a little intimate. That is until he pulls her over his knee. However, this is more of a love spanking than a punishment spanking. He start off with very light spanks, and gradually gets harder. He provides plenty of rubbing and caressing, which is met by ooooohs and ahhhhs. After a few minutes of the hand spanking, she straddles him and they start making out again, all while he continues to rub her bottom.

Don't let Part 2's scene fool you, there is plenty of hard punishment spanking left in this film. Part 3 opens with Robert sitting on the couch reviewing some financial material. He calls Sharon into the room to ask why she hasn't deposited the money for their mortgage check. She shyly states that she forgot. Well, he also has a receipt in his hand from the store where she bought the dress, which ironically is in the same mall as the bank. She offers apologies and that she won't forget again, but Robert doesn't want to hear it. This is the last straw for his wife's forgetfulness. He send her to get changed into her pajamas. Now, this is different, she returns in one piece pajamas, feet and all with a drop down back seat. This scene alone is worth the price of admission, since you just don't see this everyday. He has Sharon lower the drop seat of her pajamas and lay across his lap. Unlike the hand spanking from Part 2, he lays it on his wife's bare bum right off the bat. She yells out with pleas of being sorry and that she'll never forget again, but alas, it's too late. Robert is going to teach his wife a lesson. Slap after slap, he continues at the pace of a rivet gun. Just when she thinks it's over, he stands her up, lays her across a large ottoman and brings out a leather tawse. She again screams pleas of being sorry and having learned her lesson, but they fall on deaf ears. He wails on her tush until he finally is convinced she has learned her lesson. At this time, she is made to stand in the corner, facing the wall, with her bare butt sticking out of those pajamas.

Many times when a new company puts out their first video, consumers are a little on the leery side. Well, have no doubt, this video is good. The acting is a little rough in a few spots, but not unbearable. The spanking action is good, and there are several camera angles used throughout the video. Film and sound quality are both average and the video is approximately 30 in length and costs $25.

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