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Her First Caning

28 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/14/09

Two girls, in Lesbian by-play, are dressing to attend a fetish party together. Jane, a cute blonde still in her bra and panties, can't decide what naughty item to wear to this her first scene party. Domme Laura catches Jane with one of her outfits. "I didn't steal it, honestly." Laura is angry, which is the emotion we need to develop here. "You don't deserve to be taken to this party. I can't trust you."

"You really want to be forgiven? Show me...I'll give you 5 minutes." Jane puts on a little fantasy outfit, begs on her knees and bares her breasts. Laura takes Jane OTK. She has one of those fortunate tall-girl high bottoms. The spanking is slow--they have a lot to talk about. Laura bunches Jane's panties while she explains the spanking procedures at the "British party." But Laura wants her fun here and now also.

Jane is naked now, kneels up on a couch, drapes over the back, muffled voice. The spanking continues. Laura flicks and fingers her labia, there for the plucking. Laura now has a paddle. She carefully blindfolds the kneeling Jane with a black silk cloth strip, very sexy. The paddling continues; Laura uses one hand on Jane's inner thigh to keep her legs open and to feel her up between paddle strikes. A major frig with a wet finger with enhanced closeup lighting. "If you want to go to the party, you have to take your punishment."

As we approach the climax, Laura changes into her Domme bustier, garter belt, stockings, high heels--the conventional uniform. To conclude, Jane takes about 15 strokes of the cane, nude over the couch, sexy blindfold in place, and she is not liking it very much, but she will go to the party.

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