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Highland Sting

53 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/21/07

Standard fare schoolgirl spankings, in the classroom. A two-part video. The first part is only 15 minutes long, either because the young lady reached her limit, or because the schoolgirl spankee in the second part raised the acting level and won the editing of video time.

Part I: An attractive, tawny-skinned, curly-haired brunette is sent for discipline because she stole a bicycle. She's to get a "good old fashioned spanking," which is in fact what happens and that is all that happens. We've come to expect more. After the obligatory scoldings and appropriate allotment of "Oh, please, sir's," she goes OTK and the handspanking begins. She's sniffling up a storm. "Tears already? I haven't even started." When the male teacher pulls up her skirt, he's shocked to discover a red thong in lieu of regulation school knickers, a pair of which he happens to have on hand. It's perfectly plausible in this genre that a British schoolmaster should have a supply of panties at his fingertips. She must put them on and the spanking continues. He gets the knickers down, you knew he would, and the firm slow handspanking, and the session, concludes.

Part II: The same classroom, this time Leah, a tall insouciant blonde pigtailed girl, has been sent to be punished, and as she awaits the teacher she can't resist rifling his desk. She's caught, of course, and laughs off the scolding and the announcement of a spanking. "You can laugh, but I can make you cry." The teacher rearranges the classroom furniture and over his lap she goes. As he spanks, the camera is placed over his right shoulder, looking down on his work, an imaginative and much appreciated vantage perfected by other producers. There is some verbal banter we can't hear, some unprofessional laughter, but he keeps his mind on his work as the spanking intensifies. We've often thought that in these unscripted CalStar conversations the actress is being reminded that she had been advised it was going to be like this. Leah is directed to stand and take off her blouse. "I don't think this is quite corporal punishment." She's braless, tall and thin, a schooldgirl figure. Back OTK, her pants come down; she puts up a big-time squawk and makes threats of retaliation.

She's pushed the master too far, fortunately for us. "I think we'll have the tawse." She's made to bend over a stool and again breaks into laughter. The tawsing is moderate--it is a heavy stiff leather one. She's lost her pants, and there are bruises and welts showing up. We get frontal and facial views as she writhes, from a circling camera. She's trembling and struggling to get her pants back up. There are tears and cries of "Mommy." This is some of the best English-spoken fussing we've ever seen in the genre.

"You still have the cane yet." He whistles it in front of her as she cowers, nude now, over the stool. There follow 12 whippy strokes. She howls, flinches, and jumps around the room in the altogether between strokes, a delight to watch,and pretty much like you think she would do it at your school down the block. At the conclusion, she dresses quickly and fairly scowls at the camera, as if to express contempt that this whipping was recorded. But her final laughing mug toward us reminds us this was acting, and some of the most entertaining we've seen.

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