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Hitchhiker Spanked

30 minutes
Guest review by Collector posted on 4/3/08

Compiled in an American Classics series by CalStar; American actors; a fruitful storyline, seen in porn and science-fiction--here a young John Travolta-style cowboy picks up a willowy, angular demin-clad blonde hitchhiker in the Nevada desert. She quickly agrees to come back to his nearby house for coffee. He has caught a butterfly in his net! He pours some wine; she says she is "hoping to crash here," but she pilfers his wallet when he's out of the room and is immediately caught. He threatens to call the sheriff. She's sort of a vagrant and now she's stealing!

"I'll do anything you want--don't make me go back home." Into the bedroom they go. Time to undress. "I have to take my pants off?" She's wearing cute little white bikini panties. After 10 minutes, the first handspanking begins. Her bottom twists and dodges nicely, but she doeth protest a bit too loudly. Our cowboy is making his mark. "It's going to get a lot worse than this." The camera closeups are so good we see peachfuzz between her reddening cheeks.

She must stand, drop her pants all the way, and bend over for some more handspanks, much harder. We watch from the front too and examine a nice fuzzy tawny bush. The cowboy is relentless; she must take off her blouse and has forgotten her bra this morning.

The cowboy encourages her to take a shower. We love a leisurely shower combined with a red bottom. She leaves the stall door open for us then towels off in a charming way. The cowboy is wating for her with an impressive American wooden paddle. "You're not going to use that thing on me! No!" It's like this---it's the sheriff or the paddle. "I'll take the paddle." She surrenders her towel. The paddling is mild, but she's cute and it's fun to watch her try and avoid the strokes.

Her punishment ended, she dresses and leaves with our cowboy, who tricks her and dumps her back on the desert highway. Full circle. She'd better keep those pants on for a while. The next guy would be surprised.

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