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Holy Spanks

Directed and Produced: Clare Fonda & James Phillips
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

Clare Fonda stars in this one as "Sister Blister". She is a "Bride of Christ" who is committed to beating the devil out of unrepentant sinners by spanking their asses till they are raw, and very red, and she has a marvelous Irish brogue accent. Crystal White stars as Cindy Lou, who plays a local hussy, and sexual predator who is into the seduction of young and innocent schoolgirls (Crystal can be seen on Clare takes after Crystal first for trying to corrupt young Carmen, strips her naked, and turns her over her knee and spanks her butt red while Carmen, a pretty submissive watches wide-eyed. Next Clare puts Carmen over her knee and spanks her. First over the tartan skirt she is wearing, then on the bare covered only by a thong, and finally with the thong down around her knees. She uses her hand and a small wooden paddle and when her ass is good and red she invites Crystal to join in. Then Carmen is bent over to receive a cropping and paddling from Crystal and Clare together.

In the next scene we find Clare entering the bedroom of Mistress Kiva, a local Dominatrix. Sister Blister is there to teach her a lesson as well. After giving her a nice hand spanking, she ties her to the bed and continues the lesson with a small wooden paddle and a riding crop. This continues until Sister Blister feels that she is repentant. Did I mention that her butt is also purple and blotched from the ordeal?

Soon enough, Sister Blister is repenting what she has done and the tables are turned. Now it's Mistress Kiva's turn to punish Sister Blister for imposing these indignities on all of them. Sister Blister gets to live up to her name by having her butt blistered. All the while speaking words of atonement for the pain she has inflicted on others.

At this point I should admit that I have always had a fetish for "punished Nuns". So I really enjoyed this video.

Now for the production values...once again Camera angles are excellent, and the entire production is perfectly clear. No graininess, sound blips, or any other distractions of any kind. The scenes where all the action takes place is well thought out and believable, and in real places. In the front room, and in a Bed Room. All areas are real and not props. These are not brutal spankings, more along the lines of "erotic" spankings, which can be, and in this case are, a lot of fun to watch. As a matter of fact we could call this a "spanking comedy" I liked this video a lot. It is a rollicking fun time and we get to watch several spankings. I recommend it to all spankophiles.

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