Hotel Derrier
time: 64 minutes

George Harrison-Marks narrates three sequences in this thoughtful and naughty little work---set in a hotel in Brighton, England, where gentlemen bring their ladies to be spanked. Presumably there's a Gideon in one drawer and in another-straps, paddles, and canes. In the first scene, a young guy picks up a sexy redhead on the boardwalk, and in a nonce, they're past the smarmy SRO hotel desk clerk into a room, where the girl wants to be spanked as a prelude to the business at hand. The guy is reluctant and claims inexperience. He spanks her OTK on the bed on her jeans. She keeps her legs open for his fondling. She's very sweet and it takes along time for those jeans to come off.

Our guy is learning fast; she begs: "Harder." She has a martinet handy and he takes down her jeans for a mild whipping. At last she loses her panties and sweater and squirims nude all over the bed for the martinet and 12 with a cane. She likes to keep her legs far apart. Silly punishment, but our redhead's a winnner.

The next couple checking in jocularly refer to themsevles as "Mr. & Mrs. Smythe." They change into role-playing outfits--he in cap-and-gown, and she in delicious little schoolgirl grab, complete with pigtails. Their little spanking game: she'll take a "private" caning for her misdeeds. They play bedroom games with handspanking and martinet, as her clothes come off. Nude, she does some exercises on the bed. She has huge boobs, which they agree are "extraordinary for a girl your age," given the schoolgirl role-play. They wrestle, and at one point she slaps his face with her pendulous breasts. She is positioned and takes about 10 mild cane strokes, and he in turn loses his pants in the playful tussle and is mildly caned and paddled himself.

Lucinda, a jewelry buyer, and Simon, a salesman, are next to check into the Brighton, the perfect place for their particular form of bargaining. He's got a ring she wants. She knows he likes to spank and she wants that ring. He comes to her room with champagne and spanking implements, intent on negotiating a price for the ring, finding her waiting on the bed in scanties, including bottomless pantyhose. He starts up a handspanking with the idea of "striking a bargain" for the ring. He uses a martinet and a very thin tawse ("our Scottish friend"), and finally the cane, where she can earn 50 pounds off the asking price for each cane stroke she can take. 10 are enough for her, fairly hard on the bare bottom poking out of the pantyhose. She's not inclined to accept his offer to "go lower." Pity.

And finally, the hotelier is angry with his maid, the very same redhead who proffered her bottom on the boardwalk in the first scene, and she gets another bare-bottom spanking in one of the rooms. Marvelous closeups show a fine fuzz of hair on her pretty buttocks.

Harrison-Marks signs off, suggesting future tales emanating from this hotel. We guess this is one hotel where guests don't call the front desk to complain about noise next door. Humorous playful fun from an early era of the genre.


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