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I'm always interested in seeing the members area of any production company. Many times they offer additional photos and videos that could be very instrumental in helping consumers decide on a particular title. The first think I look for is navigation. Is the site easy to get around and find what you are looking for. The members area here is very simple and very easy to get around. As soon as you log in, the current week's photos are right in front of you with links to go to past weeks, or to the video area. Easy enough. The photos are all high-resolution, which I'm always happy to see. The images are also unique photos that are reserved for the members area. So, you won't see these in the main site area or posted to other websites. Some are additional photos from productions, while others are unique images provided by Jennifer. Each week she adds 50 new photos, so you'll always have a nice lot of images to return to. There are 24 clips in the videos section, all of which are in Real Media Format. The clips last approximately 30 seconds and gives the viewer just enough to want more. Hey, they are trying to sell the corresponding video after all. All in all, a nice site. The cost is $15.95 a month, with price breaks if you purchase additional time. Seems to be about the average price for a pay site these days. If you're thining about buying some videos from Hot Spankings, or are just a fan of Jennifer Brooks, this one deserves a look.

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