Hot Young Cheeks

2M/f; M/2f
Time 50 minutes
Guest Review by MARS 5/23/08

A trifle, except the second segment contains the single most spankable schoolgirl protrayal we ourselves have ever seen in the genre. We are making some effort to see what other work this actress has done.

Case 1: Two punky teenagers are gambolling on the girl's couch. The rock-musician boyfriend is agressively intent on getting into her pants and is making measurable progress. He's gotten her top and pants off and has begun spanking her when the girl's father hears the commotion, chases the punk kid out, and continues spanking his daughter, using a handful of implements he says are kept at the ready for his wife--yet another version of the British household arsenal. The blonde girl has quite a body; the only real action in this segment is watching her struggle to avoid the strap and the paddle.

Case 2: Two cunning blonde students caught cheating by a teacher, a venerable actor-spanker from this producer, with an unmistakable eye for the young tush. The girls are sent to his office to be spanked one at a time. Marilyn James is first--submissive, hands-on-head. She cowers as the Prof. waves the cane. She leans overs his knee and bends over a desktop for handspanking on blue knickers then on the bare. Camera gets in close, helping us to see more than she intended showing. She squawks, and blonde #2, the smoldering Michelle, is seen listening in the corridor, chewing her lip in apprehension. Marilyn pulls her pants up while the Prof gets the cane, but "we'll have these right down," and back over the desk for a short effective 6 strokes, bottom full-screen.

Michelle, the virtual prototype of a saucy schoolgirl, who would be trouble for any male teacher---blonde pigtails and bangs, pouty lips, blue saucer eyes, and with a body pressing for release against her classic attire, whispers breathy frightened inaudible answers to the prof's probing questions, hands-on-head. She's going to be spanked, she knows, but she will not be caned, because Marilyn lifted the answers from her. She is stretched across the desk also and the Prof pulls her blue pants down right away. This is a bottom which can cause bells to ring. Her handspanking is moderate and a joy. Her squeaks of discomfort will stay in your head. The Prof decides she must take off ALL her clothes--the mildest objection crossed her face and evaporates. She faces us---little auburn peachfuzz winking from below a little round girlish belly. After just the perfect amount of button struggle she pulls her silk blouse over her head. No bra and a powerful perfect naked body, flat stomach, countable ribs, and breasts seeking attention. Eyes downcast in embarrassed shame. Totally naked, somehow more than totally naked. The Prof continues to handspank her. When he finishes, he twirls her for us, lest we missed anything. She is sent naked to her bath, clothes in a bundle. He'll be joining her to assist---"It's part of the punishment"---this clever perverted bastard, he'll get his fill of Michelle, cane or no cane. Elegant ageplay.

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