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Hour of Penitence

48 minutes
Guest review by MARS posted 4/18/08

A lot of folks raving about this producer. No one reviewed this that we saw, so here goes. A new meaning to evening Vespers. At this convent, one hour each Friday evening is devoted to the caning of bare bottoms as penitence for the week's misdeeds. And if you set high standards for behavior, you can arrange for some rip-roaring Friday nights. Mood excels.

The story opens to erotic grunting; a young lady is taking a thorough drilling from some guy; her father storms in, apparently shoots the guy, and she is packed off to the convent. Two cute nuns, in full habit, are seen signing in two wayward girls. The new girls are assigned the convent names of Ursula and Brigid. What always happens when you report to an institution? Clothes off, and now! The very attractive yound ladies strip to the buff; the nuns are loving it, knowing what is in store for them. Mood is wonderful at this sort of humiliation. The girls dress in drab convent uniforms.

The two newies join 10 others. Does this have the makings of Lupus' St. Thomas School? The girls kneel and pray, and since it's Friday night they know it's soon time for someone's penitence. The recently arrived Brigid is selected--she looks appropriately frightened--other girls strip her naked, and she is tied to a full-sized cross on the wall. Two nuns give her 25 strokes each on her bare back with a thin leather leash-like strip, leaving her bottom alone, probably for later. It's loud and powerful--this combination of nudity, submission, bondage, and discipline.

Poor little Renata--she feel asleep at Mass. She too is stripped by the girls, shows us a fabulous pinup body, and is tied nude onto the caning bench, a simple wooden kneeling device, putting the bottom where it needs to be. She is caned 10 times each by 3 nuns, hard, echoing, colorful full-swings. If anything is faked here, we were convinced. She, like all the girls, is startled by the strokes, and puts up an impressive squawk. Each nun seems to out-cane her predecessor, which is no help to little Renata.

Cut to a mid-week scene. Canings are only on Friday nights. 10 girls are made to line up and strip, which they do slowly, with the Mood camera caressing the group. In a private moment later, Catherine, one of the naked girls, is caught with a love letter by one of the nuns, a kindly one, Sister Anne, but when the sister dutifully reports Catherine and suggests leniency, she is shocked to her Catherine is to receive a terrifying 120 strokes of the cane. The nuns agree to reduce the sentence if Sister Anne herself will take 70 of the strokes. You get the impression these nuns want bottoms, no matter whose, for Fridays.

Come another Friday; first on the agenda is a beautiful blonde, who is stripped and tied to the cross. Sister Rita and another nun give her 25 strokes each with a doubled thin leather strap on the bare back. Her bottom is also spared; wonderful full-body views as she bends and twists under the lashing.

The caning bench is positioned, but for whom? Penitent girls' eyes are averted. Mood portrays nervous skin-crawling anitcipation as well as any producer. It's to be sweet Catherine, possessor of the love letter, and 50 strokes! The other girls screamed down the walls at 30 strokes! She probably thought Sister Anne had exonerated her. She is stripped and fastened down--a brief glimpse of a furry little thatch of hair. She takes 5 sets of 10, once again each set a bit harder than the previous. These caning nuns relish the work. She's crying fulll-time toward the end. Some blood is drawn and splashes a bit as the strokes progress. If this is cosmetic, very nice work.

Sister Anne's eyes are averted, because she knows her time is nigh to receive the 70 strokes of Catherine's punishment, a fitting crescendo to this performance and a delicious comeupance for a nun--any nun will do. She's tied to the bench in full costume--she is spared having to strip because she's Management. Her voluminous skirts are russled up to expose white pants, which are lowered. She presents a smallish tight bottom, and--it's now completely clear--yes, nuns also shave. Seven sets of 10 cane strokes are delivered. She is courageous but is screaming after about 20; lovely views of her unhappy face frame in full nun's habit. Some blood develops at 30; at 60 we had to turn the volume down. 70 is a lot; her bottom is battered; the whippy cane has been concentrated, wrapping around her far thigh. Once again, it's a good thing kneeling is a common working position in this profession.

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