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Housemaster's Duty

Length: 60 minutes
Review by Collector posted 8/13/10

Two housemasters bounce two students back and forth between them. They're been smoking marijuana on campus. A conventional Moonglow from its Classic past, minor variations on the schoolgirl theme. Excellent set, costumes, and spanking postures.

Headmistress Mrs. Sutherland confronts Nicola de Ville and Penelope Cornwallis. They had marijuana on campus, the Board of Governors is outraged, the girls are to be spanked and caned until they give up their source, so it will be their courage vs. seven layers of bottom skin. Let the work commence. The girls are typical cute students--sweater, tie, blouse, and knee socks. A cane hangs on the back of Sutherland's door.

Nicola is first, a pigtailed brunette. "Take your position on the chair." She does not hesitate and kneels over a straight chair onto the desk. "Lift your skirt." Six crisp cane strokes on her white panties. She's got some fading bruises, either from other films or maybe from falling from ice skating. "Pull down your knickers." 6 more cane strokes, some pussy wink, but she won't talk. She is released to think about it and send in her partner.

Brunette Penelope Cornwallis: "I won't snitch, Miss." She gets her two sets of six on the bare also. Sutherland calls Mr. Radford, directs him to "use whatever means necessary," and sends the girls along. Radford is the lecherous grizzled ageplay Moonglow regular who always gets the job done. deVille is first. "You think it's funny, don't you...I want to search you myself." She slowly strips to nudity, covering herself as best she can. Up on a chair again, body across the table, a very appealing sight. Handspanking, then a strap, then he comments Mrs. Sutherland did not hit hard enough to leave any marks he can see. "We'll see if a dose of this (cane) will loosen your tongue." 15 with a whippy cane, great little screams, but she holds.

Cornwallis is called in. She saw deVille's bottom. "You're not going to do the same thing, are you?" She is soon bare up on a chair, and nominated best-bottom-in-show for us. A little strapping and she is left to "think" and we are left to contemplate her in this posture. Blond school nurse Nancy Dreycoff slips in--she is the marijuana source--to ensure the girls are loyal and staying quiet. Radford overhears.

Radford has his solution but, what the hell, he's got a bare bottom and a cane, he lays on 30 strokes, much harder than Sutherland did, the last six especially--white lines as we watch.

So nurse Nancy must report to Sutherland at 6 PM. She reports, is accused, denies, and is sent to Radford. When offered the police, "Well, maybe you could give me some spankings, sir." She too takes the chair position, but this time Radford does the unveiling himself. Handspanking, strapping, Radford has opportunity for some liberties here, so he rubs and fondles.

Nancy is sent to Sutherland's office. "You realize this is a criminal offense." She straps the black panties. When she pulls them down, she sees no marks left by Radford, "not such a good job." About 25 short wristy cane strokes, makes Nurse catch her breath. AND, she fires the nurse anyway. The dour, severe-looking Sutherland just likes caning.

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